19 Feb 2013

The Walled Garden in February

Today I visited the library in the park
on a very different day from the recent snowy one
  and then went into the walled garden.

In the main area by the pond the sun had melted the frost.

The bees were flitting about in the sunshine,
but in other shadowy areas frost still lingered.

The gardeners and volunteers had been busy
clearing the area, pruning and cleaning
the greenhouses and preparing the ground
in the community garden.
Everywhere looked neat and tidy.

Beyond the walled garden there is a shelter
of living willow trees.

This is what it looks like in the Summer months.

The herbaceous border will be planted out
and will be looking colourful later in the year.
The pond in the wild garden had been 
cleaned out.  As usual there were
many birds and as another photographer
was taking photos
 it was good to stop for a chat
and compare notes.


  1. this walled garden is a place i would love year round. a wonderful place to visit. the green doors are fantastic...

  2. A lovely peaceful place for wandering and relaxing. Your photos are great.
    Patricia x

  3. Hi Linda,

    What a beautiful garden and looks like the green doors are the entrance to a secret garden. Love the sweet bees in the snowdrops.
    Thanks for taking us along with you.

    Enjoy the week

  4. So lovely. How I wish I could follow you around on your adventures. England looks like the loveliest of countries, just like I imagine it in my mind. The snow drops are barely peaking through the ground here, where as your's look like they are in full bloom. It's cold and snowy today, so thank you for sharing your lovely spring-like pictures with us. I can pretend I'm there with you.

  5. Wow---when we go to Biltmore Estate and Gardens in Asheville, North Carolina, we visit a "Walled Garden" which looks similar to the one you visited... I wondered if the Biltmore one could have been patterned after the one you saw?????? Hmmmmmmm...

    Great photos.

  6. What a beautiful garden to walk in. I love the snowdrops and the pink blossoms. Spring is coming, hooray! Aren't we the lucky ones to live in places so beautiful?

  7. Hello Linda:
    We have often preferred gardens in winter when all the 'bones' are laid bare and the overall structure can be more easily appreciated. You are so fortunate to have all of this to hand.

  8. I might try and have a visit here this weekend. Thanks g=for showing me someone close to home that I have never visited! xxxxx

  9. The love the bolted old entrance gate with its ionic columns and distressed paintwork. People would pay a fortune to get that look today. How lovely that you captured that little bee gathering early spring pollen.

  10. Beautiful. Love the snowdrops and the bees. Gorgeous walled garden, just love that place, it's on my list to visit now thanks to you. x

  11. What a lovely garden, I love your photos especially the snowdrops:)

  12. Hello Linda,
    Wonderful blog. I love the colors of the locked doors with graceful columns. The doors show subtle and tasteful beauty!
    Snow drops in my garden are not yet in bloom.
    Thanks for sending warm breezes to frozen Nara.
    Have a great week.

  13. I do enjoy your photos Linda. A lovely series :)