21 Feb 2013

Winter's treasures in a tranquil garden


Thursday morning:  a visit to another
city botanical garden was a good place to be.
It was misty with grey skies,
but every corner of the garden
revealed nature's treasures.


There were different varieties of  the miniature iris
with lavender or pale blue and yellow speckled petals
(iris unguicularis, the Algerian iris)
growing in the rock and water garden,
cyclamens and snowdrops.

Little gems of colour
to brighten up the day.


  1. Those little iris are gorgeous and the cyclamen.Not to mention the snowdrops in the background. What a lovely place to visit.

    1. Molly - I've been wanting to go back to these gardens for a long time. There's so much to see as one wanders around or learn about plants through the tours that take place from time to time.

  2. i love all trees and these are beautiful. the Iris's are gorgeous, the photos came out great without the sun

  3. I love the cheerful colours of the flowers in this post and your previous one, Linda. When it's been so very cold and grey, it does the heart good to see signs of spring at last.

  4. This is a beautiful garden. The gazebo is so different than what I usually see. Truly some early signs of Spring and delights. I love the pale color of the miniature iris.