22 Sep 2018

Friday Bliss # 2: Dahlias

I've always associated dahlias with late Summer and early Autumn. However, the dahlias in the walled garden next to the library in the park have been blooming for several months and I've taken photos at different times. I spoke to the gardener who is employed by the local council to oversee the work done in the garden and he said that the success was due to the volunteers spending a lot of time each day tending and watering the plants.  I've noticed several different varieties growing there such as the cactus type, the single open dwarf bedding and the pom pom. 

A flower bed of begonias also looked colourful and fresh.  It must be down to the recent rain. We've had some very stormy weather in the last few days so I hope the plants in the park and walled garden haven't suffered too much.

Here are my favourite two dahlias although I also like the bi-coloured red and orange variety that perfectly reflects the colours of Autumn. I think it's called Kenora Sunset.  Do you have a favourite?

We went with our daughter M to look around the garden centre near to where we live. It's always nice to go together to see what plants and garden accessories are on offer.  The ceramic pots were on sale 50% off so I bought one and some bulbs for Springtime.  Daughter M chose a pot for a bay tree that Mr P had given her.  We went to her house for tea and carrot cake and went back into the garden.  A couple of young fruit trees growing in pots needed moving to a more sheltered place because her garden is on even higher ground than ours.  The winds have been so strong that one of the trees had fallen over even though the pot was heavy.  There has been flooding on lower ground which has made travelling difficult. Thankfully the weather is calmer now.   

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I hope you're all having a peaceful weekend.
Linda :)