26 Jun 2020

Friday Five: June roundup in the garden

After a sunny May we had wet and windy weather in our neck of the woods and now we're back to  heatwave conditions with possible thundery storms on the way, although nothing has happened yet. This is reflected in my five photo collages of our garden in June. 

With the wet weather there were plenty of snails about. Our friendly neighbourhood robin was seen flying in and out of the cypress hedge.  I'm not sure what it was up to as I haven't seen any youngsters and it's rather late for building nests.  Other larger birds can be seen in the huge cherry tree in a neighbour's garden.  This year they can feast on a bumper crop of cherries.

We're enjoying the redcurrants, the first ripe cherry tomatoes, strawberries
 and the veggie plot is full of good things.

When the sun has been out it has been a joy to sit in the garden, listen to the sound of the water feature fountain, the cawing of the rooks in a nearby lime tree and the sweet song of blackbirds as they tune up for a late afternoon vocal session.  On a fine day this week grandson came over to help Mr P make a smooth path of existing stones down by the side of the tall cypress hedge so that it's easier to access the area at the bottom of the garden.  Even though social distancing continues it's good that our daughter and grandson can come into the back garden and we can do likewise. It makes a change to visit them. 

rose White Star, patio rose and ceanothus Skylark, antirrhinums and roses Joie de Vivre,
pink and white delphinium, white oriental poppy, rose Happy Anniversary, white and pink dianthus

daisy,  sweetpeas mixed, lupin, Madonna lily, pink evergreen jasmine, courtyard sitting area,
purple flowering sage, a bunch of sweet peas white dianthus and the anniversary rose

red dianthus, sweetpea, red pelargoniums and marigold
clematis Voluceau, White Star rambling rose, Joie de Vivre rose,
 pink and white bell flowers.

Thank you once more for your visit.  Have a lovely weekend.

22 Jun 2020


Fifty five years ago our wedding day took place on the day before Father's Day and so there has always been a combined celebration. My Dad died in 1998 but I'm thankful that our daughter in Berkshire was able to take flowers to the cemetery, although because of a tragic incident the evening before the town centre was blocked off so she had to go a round about way to get to the cemetery. We were very upset to hear that early Saturday evening there had been a terror stabbing attack on random people sitting in Forbury Gardens, a public space in the centre of Reading that I'm fond of because it holds happy memories of times spent there with my family. As a consequence, three people died and there will be further news I'm sure later on. I've known my hometown to be a quiet one so it was all the more shocking to get the news of this awful incident.  May those who lost their lives rest in peace. 

The 'Happy Anniversary' rose our Berkshire daughter gave us is blooming and after all the rain last week I went out early in the morning and cut three of the flowers and arranged them with some long stemmed sweet peas.

We were given a bouquet of mixed flowers called a 'Harmony Bouquet'. We also received seeds in the mail from our son and his family, our Berkshire daughter and her family and had telephone conversations with them.

Yesterday we enjoyed a bbq at our local daughter's home.  I'm pleased to say that the weather stayed dry and in fact it was sunny and warm so that we could be in the garden, socially distanced, of course, and we could have a relaxing time together outside.

I made a Victoria Sponge cake for our anniversary meal and took the other half to share with our daughter and grandson.  We also took the ripe strawberries from our garden to eat with the cake and sparkling wine.

I hope that your weekend was a peaceful one and look forward to catching up with your news soon.
Thank you for coming by.  Have a lovely week.

19 Jun 2020

On the Moors

Today, on a very wet day which also happens to be our 55th wedding anniversary, we decided to take a drive to the moors despite the drizzle. It was quite misty and difficult to take photos as the rain fell, but we enjoyed the change of scenery.  Once out of the car I could hear the distinctive cry of curlews, saw birds flying high in the sky and a pheasant.

Strines Reservoir and the derelict Boot's Folly

The area still looks green. Flocks of sheep were grazing here and there and we did spot a couple who had wandered onto the road. Thankfully most of them were contained within the fencing and drystone walls.

There are a one or two farms in the area and this quirky looking house nestled in a woody hollow.

Back down in Bradfield Dale and the outskirts of Low Bradfield Village

we stopped by the reservoir keeper's house.

I was glad that I had walked by the reservoir on a day when it was drier.

Joie de Vivre roses in our front garden

Thank you for your visit and I hope you have a peaceful weekend.  We shall be going to our local daughter's home and will continue celebrating our wedding anniversary and Father's Day on Sunday.