13 Feb 2013

Botanical glasshouse beauty

Orchids and Guzmania lingulata

I don't know what this plant is, but the flower 
looks like a butterfly from afar.

The flowers and other plants are real.
Of course, the birds are not,
but they do add to the exotic atmosphere
in the glasshouse.


  1. that third pic is awesome. and love the birds and the parrot.

  2. Oh wow - the pictures are lovely. Where were they taken? Top of my wish list is to visit the 'Eden Project' in Cornwall

    1. Hello, Molly. The photos were taken in the Winter Garden
      in Sheffield at the same time as my visit to the Chinese New Year event. There are always new plants there as well as the palms, cacti and other tropical plants. The Eden Project is also on my wishlist.

  3. Beautiful flowers. I was just about to ask you if the birds were real, when I read they aren't, but they look very convincing.
    Happy Valentine's Day.

  4. Oh I was hoping the birds were real. The orchid's are beautiful! More and more I am loving orchid's.

  5. Orchids were never my favourites but I have to say they are growing on me - not literally of course. Your photos are lovely.
    Patricia x