12 Feb 2013

Chinese New Year Celebrations

A Chinese New Year Festival at the Sheffield Winter Gardens to showcase the various talents of the Chinese community in the city has been taking place today.
I went to have a look at the colourful decorations and activities that had been organised by the city University. (This year is the year of the snake).

There were games and calligraphy demonstrations and I found that I was more dexterous than I had thought as I was able to use chopsticks to pick up chocolate balls and transfer them into another bowl!  As a result I was given a small prize as well as the traditional envelope containing a chocolate coin.

We were offered green tea and sweets and although I missed the dancing and music which was taking place this afternoon I enjoyed talking to the young people who had put on this interesting festival of Chinese culture.

Today is Shrove Tuesday so later on I shall be making pancakes with a sprinkling of sugar and a squeeze of lemon.  Do you make pancakes on this day?  If so, do you have a favourite recipe?


  1. Lots of unusual tasty little snacks for you to try - pancakes - we also like them with freshly squeezed lemon juice and sugar too - ours have just been eaten.

  2. The exhibition looks very colourful and interesting, Linda, and yes, I'm just about to go and make pancakes. Just the traditional recipe with lemon-juice and sugar, but we do enjoy them. :-)

  3. Looks like an interesting day. I had no idea that we were going into the year of the snake. Jx

  4. red is my favorite color and you have it in every photo. very interesting place to visit and talk. i have not heard of Shrove Tuesday, i went over and read it, still have not heard of it. pancake day here is Sunday morning when i get up and beg bob to make pancakes for me... i am wondering if the lemon juice and sugar are ingredients? or do they go on the pancakes. i only like syrup on my pancakes. cane syrup if i can find it and maple if i can't

  5. Hi Linda,

    Looks like you had an interesting day out, celebrating Chinese New Year. Love all the red and that was nice that you got a prize.
    We had a Chinese friend who called us and wished us a happy new year. Love pancakes with a sprinkle of sugar and squeeze of lemon juice.
    Happy week

  6. Hello Linda:
    We think that it is so good and so enterprising that these demonstrations of a different and most interesting culture should be put on in this way by the University. What an excellent idea and what good fun.

  7. What a wonderful, colourful demonstration and display it looks so interesting! We had pancakes yesterday we always use the BeRo book recipie for the batter and just squeeze a fresh orange over the cooked pancake:)

  8. You've documents all those pretty decorations very well. Your photos are great!

  9. I don't really celebrate Shrove Tuesday or make pancakes on that day. I do enjoy a bit of celebrating Chinese New Year's though. I loved seeing the celebration you attended. It look quite fun and good for you for winning with the chop sticks. I attended a tea on Sunday where we celebrated with Chinese food and tea from China.

  10. That certainly looked like a great day out and lovely displays. Not keen on Chinese food but love pancakes especially with lemon and sugar.