14 Jan 2013

Public Art: The woodland animal sculpture

This is another one of the wooden sculptures that has been installed in a suburban setting, but with a woodland animal theme which reminds us that we are in a semi-rural area.  The suburb is named after a woodland area and the owl is used as a symbol in this part of the city.

The little dog is a nice touch even if it's the odd animal in the group carving.

It's another beautifully-crafted piece of work that has been created for the enjoyment of the community.


  1. so beautiful and the artist is truly gifted, each closeup the animal is perfect.. of course i love the dog most of all.

  2. Reminds me of some of the Totems in British Columbia.

  3. Hi Linda,

    Love the fun woodland animal sculpture and love the owl and the dog.

    Happy weekend

  4. I do love those carvings and often think that I would like to see the artist create such a beautiful piece. Happy Sunday!

  5. One day ahead, don't know where I am today. I should say, Happy Saturday, or better still, Happy Weekend :)))

  6. This is a fascinating sculpture. In many ways it reminds me of totems seen in our Northwest.