14 Jan 2013

Winter Weather

Snow started to fall late yesterday evening and we woke up to a fairly light sprinkling across our neighbourhood.  However, not far away it was much worse and the bad weather continues to cause difficulties for those needing to travel.

Any sort of gardening is impossible. The roses that have been blooming continuously throughout the year and producing the only colour in the Winter garden look bedraggled.

At least the pelargoniums that my husband keeps and propagates in the covered yard ready to plant out at a suitable time are surviving.  We remember that the snow is only be to expected at this time of the year, that there are bulbs pushing up out of the ground and will eventually bloom and the weather will improve as the weeks go by.


  1. Just a nice amount of snow to make the area seem beautiful in winter. I love snow --but hate to see people having to get out and drive in it.

    Our poor flowers were beginning to pop up out of the ground --with the warm temps of last week. NOW--the cold is back here... Wonder if they'll crawl back down in the ground????? ha ha


  2. Winter has made an appearance here after near-record-breaking high temperatures. I hope the plants that have started popping up will survive. Even I will admit that a little snow would be nice.

  3. Your garden looks very tidy for the middle of January! Jx

  4. that ice covered rose is spectacular and the garden gnome is adorable in his coating of icy crystals. these are all beautiful....

  5. Snow makes for such pretty photos but not fun to travel in. A couple of years ago when we had a very bad snow storm, it took my husband nearly ll hours to get home. I remember being so glad to see his car lights coming round the corner at 2 o'clock in the morning. I too love your rose photo, and also the little garden fellow is really sweet. All great photos!

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  7. I always enjoy a little sprinkling of snow like this in January, but then I say it is time for Spring. Oh wishful thinking. I love that you have the covered yard to keep some of your plants protected.

  8. So you got that first fall of snow too, Linda! Your poor rose looks rather sorry for itself and I'm amazed that it's even in bloom in January.

  9. You're so lucky to have so much green still, even with the snow. We have some evergreens and pines but so many trees and shrubs that are bare so mostly it's brown and dreary during the winter. And we don't even have any lovely geraniums to enjoy!