11 Jan 2013

Italy: The Abbey Pharmacy and Shop

This abbey is a 13th century active Cistercian monastery.  A Benedictine monastery was established on the site in the early 11th century and later, following a visit from St. Bernard, it became a daughter house of Clairvaux Abbey. A new abbey church and monastery was built based on the standard pattern of this religious foundation.
Today the monks have founded new monasteries overseas. Their life centres around prayer and work within the monastery and in the community.  The monks teach in the College attached to the Abbey.  There is a pharmacy, print works and shop that sells herbal products, honey, books and various liqueurs.  Some of these products are produced by other monasteries in the region, but the liqueurs are made.
The abbey attracts many visitors to the church, grounds and small museum of antiquities and accommodation for guests is also available and locals come daily to attend services and use the parish rooms, the pharmacy and the post office, which is also housed in the monastery buildings.

The Pharmacy

This is the liqueur work shop where the different types are produced using local ingredients.
One of these is called Elixir of San Bernardo and it contains many different herbs. 


  1. Beautiful stone work and architecture. Love the elixir bottle and cork. What does it taste like?

  2. Gorgeous abbey.... I can understand why you'd take your camera there. Absolutely beautiful.

  3. What a very peaceful looking place. I love the gateways with the iron tracery.

  4. i love the doors and the gates and the tall skinny trees. love love those trees. what a beautiful place this is.

  5. Oh Linda I just love Italy. It's the place we mostly holiday to. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing.
    Patricia x

  6. Even the bottles are intriguing.

  7. I would think a person would feel better just visiting that quaint pharmacy. What a lovely privilege to live close enough to such a monastery. The goodness of such a place has to impact the community. :>)

  8. I love church and monastic architecture with a passion, Linda, so this post was a real treat. So good to know that it is still a living community, helping those who need its services in this way. Super photos.

  9. What a beautiful abbey. I can understand why it is important to you and why you take a camera with you when you visit.