23 Mar 2020

Weekend happenings

Yesterday was Mother's Day in the UK or Mothering Sunday (as my own late mother would remind us).  In normal times we might have gone to a church service where the congregation would have been given a bunch of flowers by the young people to remind us of the tradition that in the olden days people working away from home, usually in domestic service, would be given time off to go home for the day to see their family, especially their mothers and would possibly take a bunch of wild flowers or a Simnel Cake which was a fruit cake made to use up ingredients at the beginning of Lent - a bit of a treat. This is one of the explanations for this day in the church calendar which has now extended to the wider UK community as Mother's Day and has become an occasion for some family time for many.
Well, we're not in normal times and with churches closed as part of the public places restrictions these physical fellowship gatherings are now taking place on line in the virtual world.  As we have not been going to church services because of mobility issues and since moving north have not felt a complete sense of connection to one Christian denomination, being ecumenical, we have recently been watching or listening to Christian television and radio programmes and have received inspiration from them instead. We think of those whose mothers are no longer with us or others who do not have children. I was grateful that our daughter down in Berkshire went to the cemetery with a bunch of flowers and tidied the family graves which she does when she can. 
All day we had phone calls from different members of our family as well as video linkups. I'm thankful that grandson recently showed me how to add an app so that family members have a group chat with us now that we are social distancing and in voluntary isolation.  Our neighbours are going to set up a chat group with a mobile app so that those in our street don't feel alone and our parish church has been in touch by email. Our next-door-neighbour has again also offered to get some basic food for us if she can find anything, talking to me at a distance as described before.  

flowers from family.....

...... and gifts including a magazine, a new transfer printed embroidery kit and embroidery thread so that I can finish off my present embroidery on the small tablecloth.  That will keep me busy for a long time as I'm a slow embroiderer and do about an hour a day in an afternoon.