27 May 2017

Tissington, Derbyshire (2)

Continuing from yesterday's post we'll take a stroll around Tissington starting in the field at the edge of the village.

 buttercups and milkmaids

One of the farms on Tissington Estate

Tissington's sweet shop sells old-fashioned sweets, refreshments and vintage homeware.  

The village is part of Tissington Estate which consists of many working farms, farm cottages and other buildings. Tissington Hall is situated in the centre of the village and the FitzHerbert family have owned it and lived there since the reign of Elizabeth I.

St Mary's Church

St. Mary's Church dates from the 12th century. The inner doorway of the south porch has a Norman tympanum with two standing sculptured figures on either side.  A new aisle was added on the north side when the church was restored in the mid 19th century.

The Village Green is a good place to have a picnic.  It's time to think about finding somewhere to have our own lunch before driving back home.

On the way back along the lane through the village there's a stall selling local Derbyshire honey and an icecream from the van is very tempting.

Instead a light lunch at an inn not far from Tissington is a welcome break after the walk especially when prawns with green salad and wholemeal bread, raspberry sorbet, cubes of chocolate brownie garnished with a raspberry coulis, hazelnuts and lemony-flavoured herbs (lemon thyme) are on the menu. 

Thank you for coming on the walk with me.
Your messages left on my last blog post were much appreciated and I hope that your weekend will be a peaceful one. 


  1. Oh my! The greens and the blues in your photos are amazing! And there's so much history and character and detail in everything in Tissington. Truly beautiful!

  2. A beautiful tour, it was a joy to come along with you. Love the baskets on the old barrow.

  3. Good Morning Linda, I love those bright green fields filled with buttercups. Such a beautiful estate. It lifts my spirits just walking around it with you in my imagination. I would have been with you eating the chocolate brownie and the raspberry sorbet but no prawns for me! LOL Blessings!

  4. these are every single one of them, AWESOME!!!! I love them ALL!!!! I tried to pick a favorite and the ducks and the stone building were my first choice, but they are all perfect. each one tells a story of its own... the simple things like the ice cream van draw me into the setting... and the red phone box snuggled up to the vine covered house... wildly clapping and standing while clapping.

  5. Such beautiful Spring views. Love all the photos. That is a walk that would bring me lots of pleasure. I'm guessing it might be Sunday already in your neck of the woods so a happy Sunday to you!

  6. So much character in all those buildings, it's a beautiful village. Glorious shots Linda.

  7. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL STATE!!!

    what lashing and tempting sights have this Tissington state my friend.

    your photography has high standards ,truly loved your way of capturing.

    this state worth visiting

  8. Bucolic and beautiful - it's like a movie set!

  9. So much character and charm. I love the village, and those lush green fields filled with wildflowers. Those pictures of the barrows are just marvelous. xxx

  10. Lovely photos, Linda. It is such a beautiful village. We met some friends in Hartington recently and went round to the Jug and Glass in the afternoon for a coffee but it was closed. We'd had lunch in Hartington but may try the lunches there another time:)

    1. Thank you Rosie. We were in need of refreshments and it was the first one we came to after leaving Tissington. I understood from the landlord that there's a new chef. It was quiet in the eating area so it suited us well.

  11. This is a really delightful area and I must say I enjoyed walking around it with you. Your pictures are beautiful.


  12. Tissington looks idyllic! I love to see the Well dressings too!x

  13. Beautiful, it really looks a lovely idyllic place.

    All the best Jan