26 May 2017

My week and a visit to Tissington, Derbyshire

Beeley Wood and the River Don

It has been a difficult week as we heard the news and realised the seriousness of what had happened in Manchester. It is not easy to express how we feel when we hear that young people and others who were simply enjoying an evening at a concert and parents who were waiting to pick up family members have died or been badly injured. Several of our granddaughter's friends who are already at university in the region were at the concert. They're now supporting one another after going through such a shocking experience. As for myself, my reaction after talking to my granddaughter was to go for a walk in a quiet place where I could gather my thoughts. My husband had to go to the dentist for treatment on Tuesday and so I went for a walk nearby along a path by the River Don. We continue to remember in our thoughts and prayers all those affected by the traumatic events in Manchester.
Yesterday my husband felt well enough after his dental treatment for us to go out for the day. (We didn't feel up to doing anything for my birthday last Sunday. Our local daughter came to see us with the grandchildren and brought flowers and a birthday cake to share with a cup of tea. The other children, grandchildren and a sister-in-law in Italy phoned and there were gift parcels to open from thoughtful family members). 

St Mary's Church, Tissington

On a warm, sunny day we drove to Tissington in the White Peaks of Derbyshire. It's the well dressing season in Derbyshire and Tissington hosts the first of these events. We planned to get there for the church service before the blessing of the wells in the village, but the drive took longer than we expected because there was a diversion due to road maintenance on narrow, winding lanes that criss- cross several deep valleys with cliff-like, wooded hills.  It was a pleasant drive through the shady roads on this scenic route.  Once we had parked in a farmer's field with everyone else we walked to the church and we were able to sit in the shade of huge yew trees and listen to the church service which was being broadcast through loudspeakers for those who couldn't get inside the small building.  After the church service it was possible to go into the church, but I was unable to take many photos because more people had arrived to watch a visual presentation about how the boards are prepared before the flowers and other natural materials are applied to them. Instead we walked to the village pond area, my husband sat down for a rest and I went to find the other wells that are dotted all around the village to take a few photos of each picture board that had been erected by a water source.

Tissington Hall

Tissington Village has several little shops, a tea room, plants for sale in The Old Kitchen Gardens and Tissington Hall, the home of the present FitzHerbert family.  The Hall is open to the public on certain dates in the year and there are guided tours.

Next time I'll continue with a tour of this picturesque village and meanwhile I wish you a good day.


  1. Wow! Those board markers for the water sources are absolutely incredible! I'm glad to hear that your granddaughter's friends are fine; it truly was such a senseless, tragic event. I will never, ever understand what people like that are thinking. What makes someone have absolutely no value for this world and life? It's truly unconscionable.

  2. a really beautiful village and a nice calming place to visit after the shocking attack. Glad your hubby was able to go after the dentist visit. and thankful your family is safe

  3. So glad your family is safe, too horrible to imagine the mind that could think this was a spiritual thing to do, must be a special place in hell for such people.
    Love the well dressing.

  4. Belated happy wishes,Linda. I'm glad that your grandaughter's friends are all safe. Such dreadful, inexplicable things at the moment for us all to contend with. This year's well dressingst at Tissingon look wonderful. We used to travel by coach there every year on a trip to see the well dressings from my junior school just a few miles away. Happy memories of the warming weather, the smell of the flowers and the egg sandwiches:)

  5. Dear Linda, Words can't express the deep sorry at what your nation is dealing with right now. Our world seems more crazy and mixed up than ever before. We can only pray that our leaders will abandon politics and seek wisdom and unity going forward. I am thankful that your granddaughter and her friends are safe and that you had such a peaceful place to go walking nearby. All blessings to you. The Lord is on his throne.

  6. Such a shock to hear about the dreadful events at Manchester, heart rendering for all concerned. Such a beautiful place to visit, the well dressing looked amazing. Take care.

  7. I'm still sickened by what happened at Manchester... Made me cry --thinking about all of those innocent children and parents... I just don't understand how anyone can do something like that... SO mean! I'm SAD and send prayers to the people in Manchester and the families and loved ones.

    Glad though that you did get out to such a gorgeous place to celebrate your birthday a few days late... Glad also that your hubby was feeling better from his dental procedure...

    I really enjoyed reading about Tissington --and those picture boards are awesome.... love them all but the parting of the waters caught my attention --plus the kindergarten one!!!!

    Hope you get to go back... What a neat place. Happy Belated Birthday.

  8. Love those boards and how they are decorated. Lovely photographs. We are so sorry about the terrorist attack in Manchester and the lives that were lost.

  9. Ahhh, more of the well dressings! I am sorry to hear about those you know who were at the concert. It is a terrible state of affairs!x