13 Sep 2013

The Annual Garden Show

Garden Shows are being held at this time
of the year organised by local garden associations
where gardeners can submit their produce 
to be judged as best in show.  There are different
categories so plenty of opportunity to be a successful winner.

As well as the vegetable categories there were
those for flowers, fruit, preserves, baking and
crafts as well as flower arranging and photography.

I admired the flower arranging exhibits.
It's a skill that I would love to learn
along with mastering knitting patterns.
So little time....

Baking is more my thing.
I'm not sure whether I would like to
have my cakes officially judged.

 The local school children received awards
for the herbs they had grown and for the
garden related pictures and samples
of felt butterfly pin cushions they had sewn
and decorated which was a small part
of a learning-through-activity project,
which is ongoing through the seasons.

Of course, a late Summer garden show
is not complete without the judging of the largest
sunflower head and the ceremony of handing out
the trophies, a cup of tea and home-made cake and chat
about gardening matters.


  1. It's great that your daughter's school has got the children so involved. Our local show is usually well attended but I know that many aren't, so having children included is a great way to get new families to be interested, as well as nurturing the children's interest at an early age.

  2. My dad was president of our local village Horticultural society and all I remember is the stress that this caused all of us living in the same house!!! 3 perfectly sized and shaped whatevers arranged on plates placed precariously everywhere!!! I'm shuddering remembering it all - it was a mare!! xx

  3. so many amazing things there. something for everyone. the baking would be my favorite but only or eating it, not baking it. i love your photo of the blackberry plate. I have tried several times in my life to arange flowers and i just don't have that talent. these are beautiful flowers and arrangements. congrats to your daughters school. i am doing good with the surgery, no pain yet and hope it doesn't.

  4. I remember the gardening shows, always interesting events as shown in these super photos. You asked me why Gregg was interested in the spam museum. This is his answer. "I have always been drawn to the quirky." And that is very true, we have seen some fun and entertaining exhibits over the years following his hunches? Nothing ever over the top and he says that's the English in me speaking. We also knew our son and daughter-in-law would enjoy the photos.

  5. This is such a great way of getting children involved in community events.
    Some beautiful exhibits - that purple gladioli is incredible!

  6. hello
    une très sympathique représentation
    c'est bien de faire participer les
    enfants à leur environnement
    nouveaux légumes
    découvertes de fleurs
    bonne journée
    edith (iris) France

  7. I just love these shows and admire the passion and competitiveness of those who enter. How lovely that your daughter helps the kids grow plants....just think how many future gardeners are being inspired,

    I love the woolen shawl.....and mmmmm to home baked cakes.xxxx

  8. I've never been to a garden show, I will make it a point when I live there though!
    Your daughter has the same job that I do!
    Tammy xx

  9. I thought the blackberries looked lovely on that blue and white plate. Some-one had a real eye for colour. Jx

  10. My favorite of your wonderfully colorful pictures was the one with the blackberries on the blue-and-white plate! I've never been to a gardening show but always go to the Iowa State Fair every fall to view the winners of all sorts of gardening, quilting, baking, and flower-arranging competitions. Love them the best of all the things to look at while at the fair.

  11. Ooh I love a good garden show, there's always lots of lovely ideas and garden produce and as you say occasionally a cake competition.
    Patricia x