15 Sep 2013

Heritage Open Days

'Heritage Open Days' is an annual celebration of England's architecture and culture that takes place in September. Organised by volunteers and co-ordinated by English Heritage, buildings of every kind and other historical landmarks are open to the public with guided tours and other activities that bring history to life. On Saturday Sheffield Anglican Cathedral organised such an event and there was an opportunity to go up into the bell tower, hear about the relationship between the church and the city through the stained glass windows in the Chapter House, tour the main interior which is now a building site because of a major re-ordering project and listen to period music.  I helped out for a while and also spent some time on the tours. There were several 'visitors from the past' who had played an important role in Sheffield's history! It was a full and enjoyable day.

For the children there were period costumes to try on, objects to talk about and, for everyone, music to listen to from different choirs and groups.

                                                A stained glass window in the Chapter House
  shows the Norman Lord of Hallamshire
making plans to build a church on the site
of an earlier Saxon church in the 1100s

A few of the Norman stones (the zig-zag patterned ones)
remain within the walls.

Queen Mary Tudor granted a Charter
to the Burgesses of Sheffield.
Since that time this corporate body
has served the Cathedral, formerly
a parish church and other parish
churches in the city. 

Some of the stained glass windows depict people of faith
down the ages.


  1. What an amazing cathedral! I would have loved to see this in person!
    Loved this post!

  2. What a wonderful celebration, Linda... Being able to see that cathedral up close and person has to be tremendous... Wow!!!!!

    AND--I love the idea that they put out musical instruments and costumes for people to try... What a great education especially for children... Love it.


  3. my favorite today is the wind instruments and the book.. the windows are magnificent and so is the building. we have heritage days here, and what i posted over the past 3 days is where they have it... your heritage is a several hundred years older than ours... we had conquistadors here, but not much left from their invasion

  4. There's so many events organised as part of the Heritage Weekend that we're spoilt for choice. It looks like you chose a good one.

  5. I enjoy these weekends. We had some lovely events around us including a fly past by a Lancaster Bomber and readings from the novels of Arnold Bennett on board a canal boat on its way to a Victorian pottery works. The cathedral looks so interesting and I love early music so would have liked to hear that whilst wandering around:)

  6. Lovely pictures, sounds like a good day out! Did you dress up!

  7. Hello Ms Linda, it has been a long time since I last visited your blog. I found you again at Ms Betsy's. :)

    I hope you are doing really fine. And I enjoyed getting a glimpse of England's architecture - grand and mesmerizing! Thank you for sharing and I'm sure it was fun attending this festivity. Have a great week ahead!

  8. The heritage weekend is great. I visited Andrew Jackson's homestead / cottage in Norther Ireland, it was very enjoyable!

  9. Oh my....how WONDERFUL to see those pics.

    We're having a heritage month here in Liverpool too and strangely enough my post tomorrow is about an old C of E church. These are wonderful opportunities to see sites of interest, I do hope they continue it in years to come.xxxx

  10. Amy - I didn't dress up as I was busy with the refreshments, but the children had a lot of fun!

  11. What an enjoyable day, Linda. In France they've had similar days in Mid-September for years and it's great fun to be allowed to visit normally hidden places or closed buildings.