3 Jun 2013

Open Arts, Open Gardens

With a love of the visual arts and gardening we were able to combine both interests during the recent May Bank Holiday weekend when the annual Derbyshire Open Arts event was taking place across the county and some private village gardens, whose owners participate in the Open Gardens Scheme, were open to the public to enjoy and support good causes.
Usually we visit our daughter-in-law's art studio in Derbyshire during that weekend, but as she exhibits in many venues we have other opportunities to spend time with her in some beautiful and interesting locations.

Instead, we went to Grindleford, which is a pretty village.  A couple had opened up their home so that we could enjoy wandering around the garden and view/ buy the husband's art work from his studio. The proceeds of the weekend will help towards fund raising so that the lady can join a medical team in Uganda where she will work as a volunteer for two weeks later in the year.  The husband also supports other charities through the sale of his paintings and printmaking.

Considering that the weather the days before that weekend had brought rain, wind and even hailstones, the flowers had perked up and it was sunny for the open day with refreshments taken in the garden and a plant sale included. (We bought some young lily plants. I've never grown them before).

These tulips were so pretty and they were my favourite flowers in the garden.  My husband was interested in the espaliered fruit trees by the fencing.  The lady has an allotment (vegetable garden plot) in the meadows near the river and sheltered by the grit stone escarpment that runs along the valleys in this area.  In this area the escarpment is Froggatt Edge. Some of the jutting smooth rocks have vertical long drops that challenge dedicated climbers.  On top of the escarpment are the heather moors that are enjoyed by hill walkers.
There are many picturesque villages still retaining a sense of history and old customs in the area.  Soon it will be the well dressing season when there are village festivals and villagers dress their historic wells with flowers and pictures made from flowers. Hopefully we shall be returning to at least one of these events in the month of June.


  1. It's lovely for me to join you on your garden tour today - I'm already longing for Spring again! My garden is looking quite dreary now as we are in the grips of a wintry blast from the South Pole!!!
    I love that Rhododendron it's such a pretty colour.

    This afternoon I re-watched the wonderful doco on "Highgrove" with Prince Charles interviewed by Alan Titchmark. What an amazing eye HRH has for form and colour - I would love to visit it!

    Enjoy your time in Italy Linda and I'll talk to you when I get back!
    Shane ♥

  2. What a great event, and how lovely that sale of art work can help such great causes. Just caught up with your last post, it sounds like you've had a wonderful week.

  3. Lovely Post Linda. I love having a nose around other people's gardens. We have quite a few events here in Essex which we often go to.
    Patricia x

  4. Flowers and art make a great combination for a day out. I haven't been to any of the open gardens yet this year, I must look what is avaiable locally:)

  5. You do see the most beautiful sights. Now I need to take a look at these links.

  6. Oh Linda, I would love that little village and home. And --what an interesting couple. Both are into missions and helping others. That is awesome... So glad you got to visit their home and garden. I too love tulips. Ours are gone for this year, but I certainly loved them when they did bloom.


  7. My husband would be loving the fruit trees too and I would head for those gorgeous flowers. What a lovely outing this sounds like, just the kind of day we would love.

  8. Hi Linda, it's only recently that I've started visiting garden open days and oh what an inspiration they are. This one looks lovely.. and even better when you can come home with a plant!

  9. Your posts really are a feast for the eyes, Linda. I'm glad you had such a good time with your grandson. :-)

  10. It's a really beautiful garden. I hope one day that mine will look 'grown up'!

  11. Beautiful gardens and what an interesting concept to combine the art and gardens.