7 Jun 2013

Down Mill Lane, Cromford, Derbyshire (3)

After spending some time at Cromford Mills we walked down a footpath to St. Mary's Church. Originally this was built to be used as Richard Arkwright's private family chapel and members of the family are buried in the family vault or in the churchyard. Although the church was closed we enjoyed the walk by the river bank and around the church grounds.


Daughter and I wandered about taking photos. 

 This old ironwork arch had been decorated
with fresh white carnations and greenery
for a recent wedding.

Over the way on Mill Lane is one of the water channels
of Cromford Canal Wharf. 
It was built across part of the grounds of
Richard Arkwright's residence, Rock House.

The restored c 1794 counting house and canal wharf office 
are now an art studio and a cafe.


The Arkwright Society has renovated the buildings and
many of the original architectural features have been 
 retained such as the old wooden crane
and the canopies that kept the goods dry as 
they were loaded or unloaded.

It's a pleasant place to sit for a while or
take a walk along the towpath.


View from the back garden - lilac, rambling clematic montana, laburnum


  1. Such wonderful pictures. It's so lush and green and beautiful. I love seeing that clematis climbing up to the sun through all that shrubbery.

  2. I had to catch up on all your posts about your visit to Cromford. It's nice that so many buildings have been preserved. I enjoyed your pictures of the mills and falls along the river. The canal is definitely a neat place to walk. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Hi Linda, Love seeing that church.. Bet it's gorgeous on the inside also... I love visiting all kinds of churches...

    And --loved your walk along the water.. It's neat that they have turned the counting house and wharf office to an art studio and cafe... I'm glad also that the Arkwright Society is doing those renovations.


  4. Thank you Linda for sharing all the beauty and what a lovely church and gardens.
    I can see how much fun you and your daughter had taking photos of this beautiful place.
    Wishing you a happy weekend


  5. I always think that church looks wonderful under the trees, I'd love to see inside. I hope you too have a lovely, peaceful weekend:)

  6. I was looking for your next post! :) Such a beautiful place! I can smell "the green" even from Vienna!!

  7. What a beautiful place and the weather looks glorious. I like that photo which has your daughter(?) in the background taking photos. It looks almost like a painting.

  8. I'm always attracted to churches, it's a shame it was locked, it would have been nice to have a wander inside. Another lovely post, your neighbour's garden is looking very pretty with the clematis and laburnum climbing through the greenery.

  9. So quaint and lovely. It makes me want to get out more and see some of the historic places in Ohio and neighboring states, although of course none will as old as your historic places. But that's okay. Everyone has to begin somewhere!

  10. I am reading a book about Beatrix Potter that takes place probably not far from where you live. The scenes you show in this post are just what I picture when I travel through this story. Soooooo very beautiful!