25 Jun 2013

A stroll around Ashford-in-the-Water

After our lunch we took a walk down Church Street to the medieval Sheepwash Bridge. It was built where a ford crossed the River Wye. The water flows strongly here and the ducks seemed to be gliding along on the current under the bridge. There were several large brown trout resting amongst the water weed or swimming in the clear shallows.

There's a walled sheep pen by the side of the bridge where the sheep were enclosed for washing before their wool was shorn.  Looking across the river you can see Holy Trinity Church and this beautiful old house with riverside gardens, also near the packhorse bridge, is a restaurant.

                                                                The medieval tithe barn

Holy Trinity Church has some interesting features.  Outside you can see the black painted Victorian gas lamp post which lit the main path through the churchyard.  

The font which stands beneath the church tower has a dragon on the shaft with its head on one side and its tail on the other.

The lectern which can be turned upon its base has a symbol of the Trinity carved on it.

Hanging in an aisle are four garlands built on rush frames (protected by plastic covers).

We were particularly interested to see this pottery dish with an Italian connection and an uplifting wall hanging of the Tree of Life in the River of the Water of Life.  


  1. That's such an intriguing pottery bowl. The gardens are so immaculately kept; a beautiful sight and place.

  2. What a beautiful looking place. It reminds me of Bibury in the Cotswolds, which has a similar bridge, honey coloured stone, and a fast flowing river. The ducks have to really go some if they choose to swim against the current!

  3. Yes, a fabulous looking place! We do have so many wonderful places to visit. x

  4. What a fabulous place, so picturesque. The cottages look so pretty, and the gardens are beautifully kept.

  5. i am a lover of stone and rocks and all these buildings speak to me.. the church is just magnificent... and the tithe barn is beautiful. i like the first window box against the brick... lovely lovely lovely, all of these. that bridge is really pretty to. your post is a big hit today

  6. I loved those pretty little clipped hedges, and the church is wonderful, I enjoyed reading about the garlands....awwww....xxxx

  7. hello
    encore une bien jolie promenade
    merci de se si beau voyage
    avoir un lutrin comme celui-ci , pour mettre dans ma bibliothèque ::::
    à très bientôt
    sur la route ( on the road again )
    edith (iris)

  8. All fascinating! That lectern is so cool! Much different from any I've seen here. I learned so much from this.
    Even our ducks are different!
    Enjoy your break. I am just getting back into regular blogging and reading of others' blogs. It usually takes me about 3 weeks to
    feel on vacation.
    Keep tuned in: I will be featuring the wonderful house and land we just bought. We sign papers today!

  9. Beautiful!
    The wall hanging reminds me of the one hanging in my church.