23 Apr 2013

Chickens...eggs...sweet treats

Our good neighbour across the way, who often looks after Gino when we are away,
 keeps chickens in his back garden.  More people are doing so to ensure
they have organic eggs.

This is Henry and the hens that belong to a friend who uses the eggs in his patisserie,
hand-made chocolate business and cafe where two of our grandsons are working
and training, one full-time and the other during some weekends as part of his college experience.

We often receive some delicious gifts of chocolates. 

Visiting family some time after Easter means we received
some more foodie gifts, including this lovely
 egg from the chocolate shop thoughtfully presented
in a flower pot.  We haven't broken into the egg yet! 


  1. This sounds lovely and I enjoyed all your wonderful photos. How lovely to have fresh eggs on call, organic at that and that chocolate! Yum! I love chocolate and this makes me want to go up to the store and buy some, but I am trying to be good today ;)

  2. I used to keep chickens, Linda and the eggs weer organic and delicious, though I never made anything so tempting as those treats with them.

    I just noticed that your blog hadn't updated since February in my blog-roll, which must be why I missed so many of your posts. I've just deleted and added the link again and it's now where it should be. :-)

  3. Keeping chickens within a city is controversial in some cities here in Tennessee. More and more people are doing it, however, for the reasons you cited. Those chocolates and baked goods look delicious.

  4. How lovely, the gorgeous choccies and the chickens. xxxx

  5. I remember we had chickens when I was a child, there is nothing more fun that going in the hen house looking for warm freshly laid eggs.
    What delicious treats come to you via your grandsons.

  6. I love those chickens, there is something so comforting about them pecking away - takes me back to my childhood!
    Oh Linda how lucky are you - those wonderful patisseries and chocolates - I'm drooling!
    I'm emailing you separately about your question!
    Shane ♥

  7. How wonderful to have those delicious gifts! If I had a garden of my own I would seriously consider having chickens. x

  8. What a sweet treat. Knowing the chickens that provide the eggs even better. My daughter has 4 chickens and we sometimes get those wonderful eggs. It is very popular here to have chickens in your yard, but the city says only 3 per household unless you get special permission.

  9. I would love to keep hens. The eggs are so much more tasty than those from the supermarket. I do try to buy free range but still they do not taste the same. I might try to stop at farms which advertise eggs at the roadside. Great cakes and chocolate treats. Nice to have baking grandsons.

  10. I remember as a child collecting eggs with my grandma - they had a few at the bottom of their garden. Your neighbour's hens look so happy and healthy and what gorgeous sweet treats you have received:)

  11. Those chocolates look delicious, and so does the egg, yum. I'd love to keep chickens eventually, but now just isn't the right time.

  12. miam ; miam
    je suis très chocolat , c' est tellement bon
    et en plus de jolies poules , qui se promènent tranquillement ♥♥♥
    il parait que les oeufs d' oies sont parfait pour la pâtisserie
    1 oeuf d' oie = 2 oeufs de poules

  13. I enjoyed enlarging the collages; the chickens are so pretty. And that chocolate looks absolutely delicious.

  14. Hi Linda,

    Love the sweet chickens and having fresh eggs, you can't beat that for baking.
    We had chickens when I was growing up and it was a favourite thing to do, go and gather the eggs in a basket and they were even more special when they were warm and just laid. The chocolate egg looks yummy and wonder if you have broken into it yet? Also the blossom trees are so pretty in your header.
    Hope you are enjoying the week