25 Apr 2013

Cherry blossom


Loveliest of trees, the cherry now Is hung with bloom along the bough...
A.E. Houseman  The Shropshire Lad II, 1887

As the earth turns its face towards the sun, the colour of blossom warms from the chalk-white of blackthorn and damson to a hint of rose in the cherry trees across the Church Meadow.
                                      Katherine Swift  The Morville Hours: Terce

The Walled Garden


  1. Oh how I love all your beautiful blooms. Hugs Judy

  2. Oh, how beautiful! There is something so special about cherry blossom. I love both the quotes too! When we visited Morville Garden nearly four years ago, Katherine Swift was serving scones and tea in their little courtyard and talking to people about her book:)

    1. The Morville Hours is a favourite that I re-read often. How lovely to have visited the Garden!

  3. Absolutely beautiful, and those quotes. I love it when the wind blows the petals everywhere.xxxx

  4. Gorgeous... Have you ever been to Washington DC to see the cherry blossoms this time of year? I've seen them once --and they are fabulous... Bet yours are just as gorgeous though.


  5. What a sight to behold. Are they quite fragrant?

  6. Beautiful. My small cherry tree doesn't have any blossom at all yet, I'm sure it won't be long.

  7. HI, I pooped over from Jo's blog at 'The good life' to say 'Hi'. And what wonderful pictures I am greeted with. Not only do those cherry blossoms give me hope that our neighbourhood trees will soon be flowering but the skies are such a true blue I can't help but just stare at them. Wonderful pictures!!

  8. So gorgeous, Linda. Beautiful photos. No cherry trees here, though I know our three huge cherry trees in France will be laden with blossom just now.

  9. The cherry blossoms are gorgeous, and you've created some beautiful collages to share them with us. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Gosh Linda, those cherry blossoms are glorious!!! Thanks for stopping by, and to answer your question I have been to see the cherry blossoms and will add the links to my photos below. These were taken some years ago. I missed them this year because the weather didn't co-operate on the times that we were driving through DC. It's not very far away (about 25 miles) and we may be going into the city this weekend but haven't made our minds up completely. Of course the cherry blossoms have gone way past their peak. Here are my links for you. You will need to enlarge every photo as back then I didn't make them large enough. Have a great weekend :)






  11. Cherry blossoms are just exquisite. Are these trees ornamental or fruit bearing?

  12. What beautiful blossoms and photographs. I particularly like the one with the shadow of the lamppost on the wall.

  13. Such pretty blooms!