18 Mar 2013

Italy - Market place happenings

Caius Marius, the Roman statesman was born in Arpino,
 but he had a villa in the countryside near the old settlement of Casamari.
 Some of the Roman ruins can still be seen near the abbey and the river,
which is a conservation area and remains undeveloped.
However, the weekend market is always busy as visitors    
stop by the stalls to buy snacks of nuts, 
olives, pastries, biscuits and cakes.

When we were there last year we suddenly heard cars hooting
and this usually means that a convoy of wedding guests
are following the wedding party to the reception.
 Instead, it was a number of vintage Fiats passing by 
on the way to a rally. 


  1. Looks like a great area of Italy to visit. Interesting that some of the Roman ruins are still there.

    Looks like a terrific weekend market... And---I loved seeing all of the Fiats... NEAT!!!


  2. It looks so enchanting and pretty and so green. What fun to be doing something so lovely every day. I love that you know so much of the history.

  3. Great post Linda! What fun to see the classic Fiats drive by. I see quite a few of the latest ones here lately. Lovely little car!

  4. Oh my, Linda! So many beautiful collages!

  5. I like it that the area of the ruins has remained undeveloped. It must have been a thrill to see those old Fiats going through the square. These older cars always make me smile.

  6. There's something about continental markets and I love to stroll around picking up the smells and tastes from the various food stalls. xx

  7. I enjoyed enlarging the collages. Such intriguing sights you share.

  8. Hi Linda,

    The markets in Italy must be wonderful, and enjoyed seeing all your lovely photos.
    I love all the old fiats too - aren't the little Bambina's cute.

    Happy week

  9. Ahhhh, life has a different rhythm in a village such as this. The marketplace would be wonderful to visit.