22 Mar 2013

A beautiful garden

One of my brothers-in-law has a beautiful garden.  He constructed a pavilion and a bar-b-q area which has a wood oven to cook breads and pizza.  As well as the flower borders with raised beds there are lawns, fruit and olive trees. Below the terrace the land stretches down to the river and there are vines, a fenced-in orchard of fig trees where a few sheep graze and an allotment. Right at the bottom of the land are the outhouses for the chickens.

The land is kept watered regularly because there's a huge storage tank filled with rain water.  Yes, it does rain heavily during the Winter months and, in fact, there's been a lot of rain there over the last few months.   Nevertheless, we enjoy gathering there (when we are over in Italy) and sitting in the pavilion during warm evenings.
I always think that this garden has an English influence as my sister-in-law grows many flowers that we would have in our own garden in England, especially rambling and standard roses, Sweet Williams, petunias etc. and I think this is because she lived in England for many years.
She and her husband have been our good friends after I met my husband at their wedding, married a few years later and our children grew up together.  When we are over in Italy and all together we have some wonderful parties in the garden.

This is a rather grainy black and white photo of my sister-in-law's wedding.  I'm standing at the back by the glass door with my future husband next to me (second right).  Last year my sister-in-law and her husband celebrated their golden wedding anniversary, so it's 'a sort of anniversary' for ourselves when we first met and now my husband and I have known one another for fifty-one years.

We have heavy snow here again and we've just heard that the schools are closing early so we are on stand by again.


  1. It certainly is a beautiful garden. I love the pavillion.

  2. What a perfect place to enjoy an evening. I like the pavilion as well, and of course the flowers are gorgeous. I also liked your old photograph.

  3. What a beautiful garden he has. And the photo was of a good size, so no worry there!

    Greetings from Minneapolis!


  4. Hi There, Blogger is doing something to our photo enlargements. There is no longer a slideshow ---so I guess they just keep on changing things..

    Gorgeous garden terrace... Looks like a perfect place to relax and enjoy being with loved ones... WOW---gorgeous!!!

    Love the old B&W photo also.... 51 years, huh? That is AWESOME... Congrats.

    Be careful in the snow. BUT--have a great weekend.

  5. Che giardino stupendo e che bellissima foto. Buona Pasqua

  6. What a beautiful garden and with an outdoors wood oven too! What lovely evenings you must have out there undeer the pavillion. Snow here too and the wind whistling around the house and bending the trees, I think it is a case of staying in and keeping warm if possible:)

  7. Charming garden- so welcoming! Congrats on 51 years...wonderful! :)

  8. A fabulous garden, what a lvoely place to relax. Love the B&W photo and don't you look lovely! xx

  9. What a wonderful pavilion and surrounding gardens. It looks as if there might be a terrific view from the terrace beyond the iron fence at the back of the pavilion. Congratulations on you and your husband for 51 years! My hubby and I are at year 48.

  10. It's lovely to see photos of beautiful colour while I'm looking out at all this snow. Jx

  11. Looks beautiful and it is great to have those lovely memories.

  12. What a beautiful area to relax and the kitty looks right at home.

  13. A very beautiful garden. Thanks for sharing it with us.
    Loved seeing the old family photo also.

  14. I clicked on the photo of the lovely garden to see what is growing up the arch - is it sweet peas??
    The perfume must be lovely. A most attractive garden and summerhouse with the bread oven on the right.
    Thats such a precious old wedding photo of family and friends taken 50 years ago - we'll have to see yours next Linda?!
    Shane ♥