22 Oct 2012

Hill towns in the Ciociaria Region, Italy.

A drive up to one of our local hill towns is always a pleasure and the nearest is one of the most fortified in the south of Rome region of Lazio in the Ciociaria province.  It has three rows of surrounding walls and eighteen towers.  The settlement dates back to pre-Roman times and within the narrow streets there are buildings from the Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque historical periods.  At the moment some of the buildings are shrouded in scaffolding and protective sheeting and it looks as if a lot of conservation work is taking place.

 High up, the road runs around the outer town walls.  
There's a walkway with seating on the left 
and a sheer drop into the valley below.

One of the entrance gates

The main entrance gate into the town

Opposite the entrance there's a recreational area.

Views from the piazza.


  1. i enlarged all the pics to see the details and i am awestruck by all the old stones, love the one with the shadows on it and i would so love to walk up between those narrow wall. wonderful pics and thannks

  2. Gorgeous photos, Linda, and the Google lightbox really shows them off so well. I adore the Italian hill towns, though the ones I'm familiar with are further north in Umbria and a corner of Tuscany. I love the way they look at each other across he valley, and their marvellous walls and narrow streets and fantastic views.

  3. I look forward to seeing more photos of this beautiful town. I've often wanted to visit Italy, especially the countryside. I may not get there in person, but I'm grateful that I can visit through your wonderful pictures.

  4. What a beautiful area. One day I may get to Italy!

  5. It looks beautiful out there. I think sharing a meal is so nice. It's been foggy, grey and damp here today - the pictures are a treat.

  6. Gorgeous group of photos.. Whether you are in the UK or Italy---it's ALL beautiful...Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you have had a wonderful week.

  7. Such exquisite views ... and the streets look so narrow.

  8. Gorgeous. What a marvelous lifestyle you have. Congratulations to your grandson as well.