19 Oct 2012

A time in Italy

We've just returned to the UK after spending a few weeks in our Italian house.  It was good to see blue skies for the majority of the time.

The vine leaves are just beginning to change colour and drop.  The family had already gathered our wine grapes for us before we arrived, but left some table grapes for us to enjoy and there were still plenty of apples and figs.

Back in England we're adjusting to the colder weather again!


  1. The pictures are lovely. Looks like we might get a mini Indian Summer here according to the weather forecast

  2. Hi Linda,

    Glad you had a lovely time away in Italy and I enjoyed seeing your photos.
    The grapes, apples and figs look delicious, picked from the trees.
    Look forward to seeing more of your photos.

    Enjoy the weekend

  3. Looking forward to your posts on Italy in the future. Delicious looking fruit...we're into strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries here in Florida.

  4. As Becky said, looking forward to more. What lovely sights.

  5. can we eat the wine grapes? they look wonderful hanging there and i do love grapes.

  6. Wonderful photos---looks quite lovely. I hope you had some relaxing, replenishing times as well as perhaps 'catch-up' work. I too am looking forward to more.
    Love the header.

  7. Lovely photos and oh, the light in Italy! The fruit looks delicious, but I do feel for you as you readjust to the temperatures here.

  8. What a treat to be able to get such lovely fruit out of your own gardens and orchards!

  9. It looks so beautiful there. Love all the fruit ripened by the sun. How lovely to have a place in Italy to go for some sun.