27 Sep 2012

Where's Alice?

This is a view from the window of our hotel where we stayed in Llandudno, North Wales...

and this one was taken during one of my walks around this seaside resort looking at the old buildings and structures. This structure looks like a bandstand.  In fact, it's a public convenience which is accessed down some steps. It seems to be in use although I didn't explore further!
The carved wooden statues are part of a literary trail.  I'm sure you can guess which book.
I only managed to visit the areas in the town near our hotel and take photos of some of the statues and sadly, not the main character, but the Victorian and Edwardian architecture is also interesting. 

The shopping areas with ironwork arcades is an aspect of the town I remember from when I was a child.  My aunt and uncle used to bring me here when I spent the Summer holidays with them when they lived in the county of Cheshire just across the Welsh border.  They retired to a village near Llandudno and last week my husband and I went to visit them on our free day travelling there by local bus.  Now in their 90s we haven't seen them for many years.  Another aunt lives next door to them.  She and her husband also retired to North Wales from the South of England.  Now widowed and also in her 90s, she went through a major operation last year and is now recovering well.  
As you can imagine, the visit to see my mother's sisters was a special one and an opportunity not to be missed. 

Have you guessed the book that has inspired the literary trail?  The author has a connection with Llandudno.  More about that next time - with some photos, of course! 

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