25 Sep 2012

Caernarvon: a walk by the castle

After spending some time inside the castle walls we walked down to the marina at  the harbour which was also where our coach was parked.  

The castle is situated by the mouth of the river and we watched the swing bridge open for boats to come into port from the Menai Strait. 

Just as I was taking a photo of the bridge from a different angle a seagull zoomed passed my face and got caught on camera before landing on the wall.

Just opposite the bridge is the mighty Eagle Tower which once had stone eagle sculptures on the battlements.

Walking through an entrance in the walled fortifications we were able to stroll around the old town.

This is the street which could be seen from the ramparts of the castle and the photo was taken from the main entrance bridge.

This is the oldest public house in the town where we stopped to have some refreshments before  boarding our coach.

I spotted these two swans as we left our town coach park and quickly took this photo through the window.
I love swans and was surprised to see them there as I'm not sure whether the water is fresh or salt at this point at the mouth of the river.


  1. Love old walled cities/towns to walk and dream in. What a lovely adventure for you. How special to have a coach waiting to take you along. It reminds me of Cinderella and the pumpkin coach that took her to new adventures.

  2. Hi Linda,

    Caernarvon Castle looks wonderful and many thanks for sharing your lovely photos with us. The swans are beautiful on the water.

    Happy week

  3. I'm at a loss for words. An incredible opportunity--one I've only dreamed of---seeing all of this and having it within a coach drive away. I can't begin to fathom it. Thanks so much for taking me there with your words and photos. All lovely posts--completely enthralling--- the history, the land, the beauty.

  4. It's been wonderful catching up today. I have enjoyed these super photos very much, what a lovely area.

  5. I've been past Caernarvon Castle but never been around it. Your pictures are beautiful. That seagull was determined to get in on the act :)