14 Sep 2012

Supporting local produce.

This weekend the annual city food festival will be featuring everything that's best in the food industry in our county and the adjoining counties.  I enjoyed last year's event which supports local small businesses and look forward to this year's programme.

After my walk on Saturday I rounded off the morning by visiting a family-owned dairy farm.  As well as producing milk, the owners have diversified into ice cream production. It's a popular place as there's a shop with a parlour selling ice cream and other locally-made produce, a garden where children can play safely and a viewing barn where the calves are reared.

                                                        'Orla' born in August

                                Delicious!  I wonder which one you would choose?



  1. That ice cream looks delicious. It would be hard to choose.

  2. Hi Linda,

    Looks like you had a lovely day and homemade icecream always tastes so delicious.
    My favourite would be boysenberry or mint and chocolate chip.

    enjoy the weekend

  3. Glad you enjoyed your day, it's always nice to support local businesses. I think I'd choose a Pistachio flavour. Have a good weekend.
    Patricia x

  4. Hi Linda,
    Oh, for sure, it would have to be The Sheffield Honey Company Ripple! Love the idea of supporting local and small businesses.
    Hope your weekend is great,

  5. I would choose that lemon ginger, though strawberry is my weakness. What a lovely shop in all it's pinkness. How I would love visiting here. It is pure delight to support local farmers. This event and this farm in particular sound lovely.

  6. The sorbet looks amazing. What a fun place. I'd be in trouble if it was within walking distance to me. I love supporting our local farmers. In supporting them I have the healthiest food, too.

  7. Hello Linda
    I've just become your newest follower - and I found you via Carolyn!

    Beautiful countryside for your walk - I love the old stone walls. I often walk in a large park near me and we have those walls too - only ours are not so old!!
    The ice cream shop must be a real bonus on hot summer days - I would choose 'Lemon and Ginger' and I wonder what Black Mulberry sorbet tastes like - have you tried it Linda?

    Lovely to meet you in Blogland and I'm off to read your older posts.

    Wishing you a happy week
    Shane in New Zealand

  8. I would surely go for something creamy .. maybe caffé, stracciatella, marron glacé??? Thanks for showing us such lovely pictures.. I am sure the place is sooo charming and supporting local producers is something I do, too.