9 Sep 2012

Back to Haddon Hall

                                  Walking through the countryside of the River Wye
                                  Valley a visitor can almost feel as if they are
                                  stepping back in time on the approach to Haddon Hall.

Crossing the bridge over the River Wye
there are glimpses of the Hall
through the trees.

There are meadows and a 16th century dovecote
can be seen in the distance.

The Elizabethan stables.

Next to the stables is a Tudor cottage. 


The topiary yew hedges have been clipped
into the shapes of a peacock and boar's head,
the arms of the Manners and Vernon families
of Haddon Hall.

The entrance to the Hall through the north west
tower is reached by way of a flight of steps.

Apparently there's a tunnel that leads from the stables
to the Tudor kitchen area. 
Today there's a restaurant serving refreshments
in the stable block and an outside seating area 
in the courtyard by the old cottage.



  1. a wonderful old place, i love the tower. and the walk way down where you said there is a tunnel. i would love to eat there and see the cottage. i am now following your new address.

  2. Hi Linda,
    I'm able to view your blog from your comment :) Will continue to do that in the future.

  3. Lovely photos, Linda, and I was able to access your new blog address without any problems. Thanks for letting me know. Now to change the address in Google Reader. :-)

  4. The topiary is amazing. Beautiful pictures.

  5. It's crazy-beautiful!
    You're blessed to see this with your own eyes.

  6. Hi Linda,

    Such a picturesque place,I loved seeing Haddon Hall and the gorgeous gardens.
    Many thanks for visiting me and following and I look forward to coming to visit again.