1 Sep 2012

After the rain, the sun...

  We've had rain, rain and more rain this week
  until Friday when the weather changed again.
  September is here and it does seem as if 
     the Summer is over and we have to be prepared for
      the colder days of Autumn in the UK.
     We're glad of the covered yard which throws out heat
from the brick walls and is an extra place to sit, 
       to grow vegetables and is also Gino's domain.

It's also good to be able to use the vegetables
growing there just outside the kitchen door.
We've also had some black figs from the tree
in the back garden and my husband has dug up some
 of the potatoes from the allotment and stored 
them in the garage.



  1. all is well in our week end. the potatoes remind me of my childhood, daddy had a field of potatoes and we had to dig them up and fill the bins in the basement for the winter. love the kitty garden,

  2. That's a wonderful harvest with lovely photos of so many things. Your header picture is fantastic!

  3. Your yard is lovely...I especially like the vegetables growing in the covered area. Every home needs an "orto!" And black figs...what a nice neighbor!

  4. Your covered yard is lovely, and looks as if your garden was bountiful. I like those beautiful blue skies you captured, but I will confess that we could use some of that rain you had earlier in the week. I hope you're having a marvelous weekend.

  5. Ciao cara, I am amazed about your lovely produce!! I wish I could grow something here apart from mint leaves and sage.... Here the autumn arrival is imminent and I am happy for it!! Wish you a peaceful Sunday evening and a colourful week start!!

  6. Lovely photos of some very tempting produce. I'm glad the sun has appeared for you at last. You really serve it after the summer you've had. My Yorkshire grandsons don't go back to school til Wednesday either.

  7. Since I only have a North American butterfly book, I don't see your variety, but it must be in the "eye spot" category of butterflies. We have "wood nymphs" that are eye spot butterflies. Maybe you can find its true name.