28 Aug 2012

and now for something different...

We didn't venture far on one of the busiest weekends of the Summer
holidays on the roads.  
However, we did spend an afternoon at two separate community events 
held on adjoining recreation grounds in our area.
Both events attracted quite a crowd, but we particularly
enjoyed the one put on by the emergency services.
A controlled demonstration on how not to put out a pan of frying
oil by throwing water onto it was a spectacular visual lesson.
I was interested in the museum pieces of the older type of fire fighting
equipment and the grandchildren enjoyed seeing the latest police cars,
 motorbikes and other emergency service transport.   


  1. What fun! Enjoyed looking at all the pictures in your collage.

  2. Fun! Enjoyed the shift :)

  3. love the teapot and the FLAMES. i love fire and would like to see that demonstration

  4. What a fun collage. Those cupcakes look delicious.

  5. These look like two marvelous community events. The pan fire looks spectacular.

    Thank you for your birthday wishes for my Dad.

  6. That does sound like fun!