23 Aug 2012

Our garden in August

View over the gardens at the back of our house.

We've had some more spectacular rainbows recently.
One minute it's sunny and the next there are rain showers.

However, that's good for the plants and our flower beds
continue to look colourful. 

There's not much room for a glasshouse. Mt husband has one
 in the allotment, but I decided I would like to get him a small,
plastic version. Thankfully, it came in a flat pack
so it was a complete surprise on the special day 
and it kept the boys busy for a while putting it up!

My husband grows some of his tomatoes against the wall, but they have yet to ripen up.

The tomatoes in the covered yard are colouring up.
This is just one corner of the yard which is stuffed full
of vegetables in pots.

Here are some of the late Summer flowers.
Only the poppies have finished blooming. 

Joie de Vivre


  1. they are gorgeous and i love the two big red flowers. what a wonderful gift.

  2. Your garden has certainly benefited from all the rain and is looking lush and lovely.

  3. Love visiting your summer garden. Our tomatoes also are just beginning to color up. Oh, yummmm!

  4. Beautiful pictures. The phlox are stunning.

  5. Your flowers are glorious! We've had such a terrible drought here this summer - nothing is blooming and everything is dry and brown. I've got a big outdoor party coming up next week and I'm going to have to buy new flowers to brighten the place up. Love Mr. P's new greenhouse - I think my dad would love that. I'll have to start looking for one for him!

  6. What a great birthday present! The flowers are beautiful and your patio looks ideal for sitting and enjoying them!
    What are those bright pink flowers with jagged edges that look that they'll bite your hand if you stick it too close? They kind of resemble poppies, but none I've seen here look like they have jaws!:>)

  7. Thanks everyone for your visit and comments. The flowers are:- roses, poppies and pink phlox etc. in the back garden and lavender, fuschia, pink pelagonium (geranium), antirrhinum (snapdragons), hydrangea and 'joie de vivre' rose in the front garden.

  8. Picture #9 was what I was referring to. I guess they are snapdragons. I've not seen any around here--not in anyone's yard or at any nursery.

  9. Beth - picture 9 is a poppy (grown from seed from a wild one that was growing in the allotment).