24 Aug 2012

Gone fishin'

It's nearly the end of the six or seven weeks of holiday time
for our school students.  
We've been caring for our grandchildren since
we've been in this area and it's interesting 
to see the change in their interests as the years go by.
Our grandson enjoys all types of sport, but recently
he's become enthusiastic about fishing.
Going fishing is a new experience for active grandfather!

We have five rivers running through our area as well
as reservoirs and ponds so a few hours by the water
is always a pleasure.  

This quiet pond which feeds into a river is a popular place 
as there is off-road parking and footpaths by the water. 

We usually go there together and I sit and read
or take a walk.  There's a cafe not far away with a playground
for younger children, but we normally take our own snack food.

On the opposite side of the pond there are reeds where
no-one can disturb the wild life as there isn't a path.
I like to sit and watch the water birds go in and out
of this area where they are breeding and raising their young.
These three ducks have unusual markings and they are
always swimming together in unison.

The ducks don't mind the rain....

 ...and it doesn't worry those fishing, walkers or anyone who just
wants to sit in a peaceful spot for a while. 

This is where I went for a walk before it started to rain
and more about my walk next time. 


  1. What a beautiful, peaceful area. We have nothing planned for the Bank holiday except to keep off the packed Cornish roads!

  2. How nice that you were able to be with your grandchildren. Mine are all teens now --but I have good memories of their visits when they were little. Kids do change alot from year to year, don't they??? And their interests really change...


  3. What an idyllic setting. So, tell me...did he catch anything?

  4. That is a lovely place to sit and if you happen to have a fishing pole, I suppose you could do that, but I'm with you - I'd read! I'll bet Mr. P does have a problem with that sitting around waiting for the fish to bite. I can just imagine him tending the surrounding area!

  5. hubby loves to fish, i love to watch and enjoy the peace and the water views. and of course snap just a few photo's while he fishes.

  6. My, but you have a beautiful countryside for all sorts of pleasures!

  7. What a peaceful area to relax. Those ducks have such unusual markings.

  8. Beautiful area and you do such a wonderful job at showing us. :>) Those 3 ducks look like they're having a nice chat.
    So glad you've had this time with the grandchildren.
    I have teachers' profesional day tomorrow and teachers' opening day on Tuesday. The kids start on Tues. Sept 4th. I am a bit worried about some changes and issues, but I need to trust God and stay focused.

  9. What a beautiful spot. I'm not into fishing but being on or near water in any way shape or form is definitely my happy place as well.

    Glad you had such a lovely summer.