11 Aug 2012

A garden for the community

The walled garden in the local park is on the site that dates back to the late 18th century when it was probably used to grow fruit for the Big House that now contains the council lending library.
In 1903 the ownership of the house and parkland was passed to the city council and used as a nursery and training ground for the council's gardeners.
Enclosed by the 18th century wall in an area that once incorporated the stable block, the garden today provides a welcome public space in an urban environment.  As well as quiet seating areas with herbaceous borders, arbours and a rose garden, there's a wild life area, two ponds and a space for greenhouses and beds for local communities to propagate plants and grow flowers, fruit and vegetables.  
We're able to grow our own fruit and vegetables in an allotment and it's the time of the year when we're able to enjoy the produce.  However, it's good to see a community garden which is of benefit to many folk, supported by the council who also continue to use it for horticultural training and work placement.


  1. yellow flowers are my favorite of all flowers and wild yellow are my most favorite. these are beautiful and like wild flowers.

  2. What a lovely place with a sense of history! It warms my heart to see so many places teaching us the skills we have forgotten.

  3. What a wonderful set-up! I wish we could have something like it here! Those daisies are pure delight!:>)

  4. What a great concept. So much beauty, too.

  5. Interesting especially to read that the local library was housed in the Big house, this was the case in some of our local Surrey libraries when we lived in the UK. I do appreciate seeing old houses and gardens used in this way.