1 Jul 2012

Our Italian Garden: May and June 2012

It's always good to be able to spend time there in Italy especially as we took two of our grandchildren with us as the invitation to the family wedding coincided with the half term holiday.  In between days out on educational trips my husband had to do the usual garden tasks of cutting grass, trimming box hedges, bay trees and other bushes.  Personally, I don't mind a bit of wildness in the garden, but if we didn't keep everything neat and tidy the grounds would soon resemble a jungle and, of course, where there is long grass there are plenty of creepy crawlies.

                                                        My husband tackles the front garden.

The ground at the back of the house was once a vineyard and we enjoyed gathering the grapes and making wine, but it was too much work to maintain. He cut the vines down and the ground has become a meadow that's easier to look after.

 There are still plenty of productive vines on the pergolas that also give shade in the Summer.

The grass gets cut.  Next the bushes and trees need pruning.  Afterwards we can relax and continue to enjoy the garden that has created from a piece of land that was inherited.  Another time I will post about the flowers that were in bloom in May and June