27 Jun 2012

June Roses

I love June when the roses are usually at their best and I never get tired of looking at them and taking photos.  We've had a lot of rain this month and the roses in our English garden are just coming into full bloom, but there has been a wonderful display in the rose garden in front of the library in the park.  It was a joy to see them when I went to the park on our return from our time in Italy.

Here are some photos taken on that morning in the park on a rainy day as well as our own patio bush rose blooms.  The last photo shows the floribunda rose bush we bought at the time of our anniversary last year called 'Joie de Vivre', which is doing well in a pot.

roses in the rose garden in the park
and below roses in our garden



  1. Love seeing your roses. Thanks for visiting me and becoming a follower.

  2. These are all lovely. My favorite is the one still closes--I can see the varigation of colors in it. I do love the pastels in roses. Red roses are over-rated to me, maybe because they've been overplayed in romatic holidays. But the softer pinks, corals, and salman really pull at me.

  3. What a wonderful variety of roses.

  4. awesome photos of these gorgeous roses, my favorite is the yellow one, i love yellow flowers, they make me happy