14 Jul 2012

Gino - One Year Old

Gino came to us as a kitten needing a home in July 2011.
His first year of life has been an eventful one.
He nearly lost a front leg when someone shot at him with an airgun.
After an operation, pinning and several months of recuperation,
Gino is recovering the use of his leg, which is slightly shorter than
the other one.  Now that he can get out and about again
he doesn't seem to wander far from home.


  1. so nice to get another glimpse of gino, 9 lives and all

  2. I know Gino's been much more of an responsibility than you were planning on when you took him but he is so beautiful! I'm so glad he was able to keep his leg.

  3. What a pretty kitty. Glad he is recuperating well.

  4. I love all the different 'sides' of him the photos show. The first one shows trust in his owner. The second one shows him as an uncertain kitten whereas the third shows a bit of regalness in him and the last one shows sheer cat contentment.
    I remember when he was shot--it's good to see an updated version. My cats are such a comfort to me!:>)