16 Jul 2012

Down the lane: curious cattle

Living in a semi-rural area we don't have to go far to see many aspects of farming life.

These friendly creatures were eager to come over and take
a look at us since we were paying attention to them.
Did you notice the bull in the distance?
We were glad that there was a thick wall 
between him and us!


  1. Ha---I'm glad that there was a wall between you and the BULL.... I like to see cows --but the bulls can be mean! Great set of pictures. We don't live very far from farms either..
    P.S. Please take out your word verification... It is SO hard to read. Thanks!

  2. I love rural living! If I was given a choice, I'd gladly stay where you are at :D I never knew too that cows differed in colors. When we travel to the province, I only see dark colored cows, hihihi! Thank you for sharing these snaps Ms Linda. May the rest of your week be great and enjoy your family too! :D

  3. Cows always fascinate me! I'm a city girl married to a country boy - he's taught me a lot through the years. One of the first things I learned from him was that cows are VERY curious. Whenever we visited his parents in those early years it seemed we had to make a stop by the fence to 'visit' the cattle! Great photos. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wonderful variety of cattle. Their personalities can differ as well: fences can be a very good thing!

  5. That wall may be thick but it doesn't look very tall! I think I'd start moving along if he headed over!

  6. I really like the direct shots of three and seven where each is looking directly at the camera. The bull looks a bit disgruntled. Cows are such wonderful creatures---they are part of the fun of photographing barns ---so curious and mostly friendly. I'm smiling.