2 Dec 2019

A visit to Castleton, Derbyshire

Yesterday evening on the first Sunday of the Advent season I lit the Advent candle on the wreath that I made using greenery from the garden. 
Today we decided to go to Castleton to visit the Christmas Tree Festival in St Edmund's Church which has become a tradition for us since we've lived in this area.  It was a bright and dry day and it didn't take long to get there and in fact we were a little early for the opening up of the church so we went into the inn opposite to have a milky coffee and a warm mince pie.

As usual there were many Christmas trees each one decorated by local organisations such as those associated with rock climbing, caving, geology, rambling, care support, arts and crafts, education.

The models under this tree represent a ceremony that takes place in May when a garland of flowers is paraded around the streets of Castleton before being hoisted up onto St Edmund's Church tower.

The famous Blue John mineral mined in Castleton and other rocks and minerals were on display.

I asked about the Advent Wreath and a volunteer came and lit the Advent Candle Christ Light for me.

the children's corner

After our visit to the church we had a quick look in the windows of the little shops along the high street which I'll post next time.  The top of the highest peaks were covered in mist so we didn't drive through Winnat's Pass and instead turned around and went back home the way we had come.