8 Nov 2019

End of week news

Yesterday here in Sheffield and surrounding regions we had a month's rainfall in a single day.  The outcome was that the River Don burst its banks and the valley floor flooded just as it had done in 2007. Families were trapped in the Meadowhall mega centre yesterday evening. A special event had attracted even more people than usual.  Unfortunately they had to stay there for the night. Vehicles also had to be abandoned and people rescued by the emergency services.  We have several rivers here and the water level everywhere is very high and will rise further if the heavy rain continues.  I feel so sorry for the people who have experienced flooded houses and businesses again. As another library book that I had reserved was in I went with him and went to the park which is on high ground. Thankfully the rain had stopped - so different from yesterday.

The squirrels were out-and-about and no doubt they had 
found places to shelter during the rainy deluge.

a eucalyptus tree in the walled garden

The school children have been busy making more decorations
These interesting fish models had survived the wet and windy weather.

I spotted a new garden ornament.

Back home I shall make a start on my library book, the latest in the Simon Serrailler series by Susan Hill