20 Sep 2019

Around Agden Reservoir

The weather has been so good that we've been out for a short drive twice this week!  Regular readers will know that we have several reservoirs located near where we live and there's always a lane that we haven't explored that takes us near them with access for walkers to stroll on the paths around them.  We usually start our exploration in Bradfield village, which is an interesting one in its own right.  Bradfield Walkers Group with the support of South Yorkshire Passenger Transport have produced quite a few helpful leaflets for the different trails around the area with maps and information of historical interest and fortunately there are regular buses that go into the village and back along the Loxley Valley route if you don't have a car.  My friend, whose in this position, uses the bus to get about and we've made a date at the beginning of October to meet up in one of the country cafés in our area as it's a change from meeting in the local high street or in the city centre.Meanwhile we're grateful to have the car and we both can drive around, although it's Mr P who does the driving at the moment and I make suggestions where to go!

On our drive we were heading for Agden Reservoir although at the top of the hill we could stop and look back at our own local reservoir, Damflask.

Here there are fields with sheep grazing, sturdy looking dwellings and farm buildings and then there's a stretch of woodland, mostly oak and pines, before you see the reservoir.

Rose-bay Willow Herb flowers are beginning to pop their seed pods.

lots of insects and a few butterflies still about

Here's the retaining wall of the reservoir

and the outlet for water overflow.

On the other side of the reservoir can be seen more woods
 and a rocky escarpment.

Looking down onto the water there appeared to be strange colouration
in the water and I don't know why?

There are plenty of signs by the reservoirs to warn
 people that these deep water resources are dangerous
and not places where you should try and swim.

In the woods along by the reservoir there are signs of the
leaves turning to Autumn colours.

Here you can walk along a path and see the reservoir below.

Along the way there are huge slabs of rock embedded
into the bank and tree roots. Above is the lane we drove along.

If the gate is padlocked you can climb the steps
to get back onto the lane.

After our exploration of Agden Reservoir on the lane called Windy Bank - although it wasn't windy on this occasion - we went back to Low Bradfield and had a drink in The Schoolrooms Café.  As you can imagine, it was once Low Bradfield's village school and is now a popular refreshment place and gift shop. The school was built to replace one on a different site that was washed away in the tragic Sheffield Flood of 1864. More about that here.

As it was late morning there were many people sitting outside and young families playing in the children's area so I didn't take many photos.  The one below is from when we've been there before.

Upstairs was empty so I took a photo.  It's a popular venue for birthday parties.

These paintings on display are for sale.  The style is distinctive and done by a local artist.

Time to go back home by Damflask Reservoir.

We had already been that way earlier in the week as I wanted to go back to Agden Beck (the stream that runs down from Agden Reservoir and situated in Low Bradfield), look at the buildings there and be reminded of their history.   Hopefully,  I'll take you there next time.

Thank you for your visit and have a good day and weekend!


  1. Nature is so wonderful even only seen through the lens of a camera. you know how much I enjoy all the stone fence/houses and other buildings. today my comments go to the white flower with 4 flies and a bee.. that is truly amazing to me. I truly love the blue chair photo. looks like the perfect outing to me

  2. Looks like a great place to explore. Nice photos! Fun art pieces. Happy weekend to you.

  3. You took us on a wonderful tour, it was a joy to come along with you albeit from my chair. The schoolroom looks like a great place for a rest fro all the walking, the building must have so much history.

  4. What a beautiful area!
    Have a nice sunny weekend, Linda!

  5. How lovely what a super place to visit and take a little walk, everywhere looks warm and sunny in your photos with lovely blue skies. We have had some wonderful weather over the last few days. The school room cafe and gift shop looks a good place to stop for refreshment at the end of your outing. I recognise those paintings from various places including the book shop in Bakewell:)

  6. Oh how beautiful it all looks in the sunshine and blue skies and especially nice to have some welcome refreshment at the end of the walk.

  7. It looks a gorgeous place to visit! I love your photos with the dappled leaf shadows! I really love that type of thing. The green water is curious. The tearoom that was a school sounds great!

  8. That’s a wonderful walk! I’m glad you shared it. Glad too that you can still drive... we both do as well, but it is somethings to worry about for us , the older we get, because public transportation over here is nowhere near as good as yours. It makes me smile to think of the old schoolhouse now being a place to enjoy rest and refreshment.


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