6 Aug 2019

Street Art

When we're out and about in Sheffield I photograph street art that I find interesting or attractive and it's just as well I have a record of it in my photo archive as sadly this form of art is transient, sometimes due to vandalism. An artist tries to restore his/her creations or if this isn't possible the whole mural is painted over and the image lost forever. 
Many of the street artists are well known beyond Sheffield, have done commissioned work nationally or internationally and each style is different.
Here are some of the murals seen in and around the city:-

Sarah Yates's (aka Faunagraphic's) commissioned work is influenced by nature, particularly birds.

She also painted the above mural on a site overlooking the train station and near Sheffield Hallam University.  The subject is Harry Brearley, the inventor of  stainless steel. When it was vandalised beyond restoration another artist, Jo Peel, recently painted another. Jo's work is also instantly recognisable to locals.  

Jo's mural on the same building.

Jo's murals are urban landscapes usually painted in black and white, turquoise and orange.  This one is at the old Henderson's Relish factory building.  Henderson's Relish is made to a secret recipe and is also part of the Sheffield scene.  Many a cupboard contains a bottle of this sauce, including mine.

Rob Lee's murals often consist of brightly painted lines. The one above also near Hallam University area is fairly new.

Sheffield Dog Rescue Centre 

This one was painted to celebrate the Grand Départ in Yorkshire which was part of the Tour De France which started in the county in 2015 and passed through Sheffield and surrounding countryside.

Another well known artist is Pete McKee. Born in Sheffield his art celebrates the everyday life of the north of England.  The above is 'Muriel' with her shopping trolley. We have some of his framed paintings in our dental centre - probably put there to make us smile as we wait and even a tram has window decorations to celebrate this local talent.

Sheffield is called 'The City of Sanctuary' as it welcomes people from all over the world especially refugees.  If you look closely at this work done by 'CoLoR' you can see positive and negative images to illustrate this. The Art House is just one of the places in the city where craft and art workshops are happening in a welcoming environment. 

 Cafés are pleasant meeting places and also reflect the city's interest in art and painted murals.

Today Mr P and I have hospital appointments as our GP has sent us to have xrays done on Mr P's hip  which is getting worse with the pain and my knee which is now stiff and swollen. I think I damaged the knee when overdoing things with cleaning some time ago.  I also have to be careful regarding osteoporosis. We're fine, fairly mobile despite these health problems, but need to take things easy.  Our family are coming to stay over the weekend and our daughter will also be here for a week or two so I may not be blogging for a while, although I shall be reading your blogs when I can. 
Thank you for your visit. Have a good day!
Linda :)


  1. Nice series of colourful murals...the tits are my favourite.
    Enjoy your walks!

  2. Wonderful photos. We have a 'faunagraphic' work of waxwings here in the city centre close to the museum. I recognise Pete Mckee's work too. I have a bottle of Hendos in the cupboard and we use it quie a bit. We have to wait to until we visit Chesterfield or Bakewell to buy it though as shops don't have it over this way. I hope today's xrays go well for both of you, do take care and enjoy your time with your family visitors:)

  3. enjoy your visiting family and hope the appointments go well. sad you are both having problems at the same time.. take it easy and rest and let the body heal.. I love every single one of the murals. we have a few but not like these. the first one of the birds is amazing and my favorite. so much talent out there

  4. I have thoroughly enjoyed those lovely murals, thank you for sharing them. Good luck with both your doctor appointments. I have my own issues but nothing to drive me to the doctor yet ;) I always remember a good friend of mine, several years older than me, saying as she got up from a chair, that this age brought sound effects. Always makes me smile when I get up and grown, and I think of my friend :)

  5. Beautiful work!!! I feel so sad when lovely work like this gets destroyed by vandalism. thank you so much for sharing about these lovely murals. Praying for good health for you!

  6. What a great feast of street art, at its best as well. It's hard to choose a favourite but maybe the birds just edge it. Good luck with those xrays.

  7. I absolutely love your street art. How I wish I could visit there and see it up close. The whimsy of Pete McKee makes me smile. I am also happy your city is a sanctuary city. Portland is also a sanctuary city for immigrants. Sorry you and Mr. P are having some health issues, please take care. Nice to know your family comes by and helps you out when they can.

  8. The works of art are BEAUTIFUL esp the Tits and the fox ones! I am so glad you have taken these photos! Amazing!!! Sorry to hear about the knees- painful!!x

  9. I LOVED THIS POST! Graffiti is one thing - art is another, and all of this is art to a high degree. It disturbs me greatly to think that anyone would vandalize pieces such as this. What are they thinking? Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful insights into Sheffield!

  10. Wonderful. So much nicer then graffiti.

  11. I've just had a big catch-up - thank you for so much floral beauty, I loved that, it really cheered me up on a grey day. I like street art, too, there used to be a great mural on the community building opposite my house but it was sold and the new owners painted over it. It was a real landmark so I miss it. I hope you've had a lovely family weekend and the x-ray results move you forward. x

  12. What lovely murals! The floral ones at the end are my favorite -- thanks for sharing them. I hope your and your husband's knee and hip problems are soon resolved without too much pain, Linda -- those really interfere with gardening, travel and so many other activities in life. Best, Beth

  13. I’m not always a fan of street art, but I like most of these and love the bird one! Hope you get some good medical news (miracle cures?...if that happens, let us know ;)) ... at our age, we could always use a few.). Enjoy your visit with family.


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