17 May 2019

Local landmarks and family visits

We always enjoy showing family members around who have never visited us before as there are many picturesque places near to where we live. We often go there at other times too.  Here's a compilation of places we might see on a short tour of the area.

Agden Reservoir

Low Bradfield Village

Agden Beck, Low Bradfield

Grandson and girlfriend 

There's a new memorial seat by
 Agden Beck in Low Bradfield

St Nicholas Church, High Bradfield

 The Strines Reservoir

The Strines Inn on Strines Moor

It's surprising what you see along the way. 

Wishing you a good weekend,
Linda :)


  1. It's fun to show visitors around. You have some nice spots to enjoy with company. I'm hoping Dear and I can enjoy another trip to Great Britain before too much time passes. Have a good weekend.

  2. The area all looks great, your visitors are sure of a lovely visit with amazing scenery. Have a lovely weekend. Cathy x

  3. be right there. wish I could. would love to ride that bus and see every stone you showed us and all of high and low Bradfield and all those antiques. beautiful post

  4. Nice views...and relaxing.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. You live in such a beautiiful area Linda and I bet all your visitors love discovering it with you. The old inn looks interesting and I love the old bus how wonderful to jump on and off that and visit some of the places you have photographed. Have a lovely weekend:)

  6. What a beautiful area, all that lovely countryside. I really enjoyed the tour and all your smashing photos. x

  7. Thanks for sharing. I have never been to the England before and only to Heathrow airport. My husband has 78% ancestry from the UK, Wales and Scotland. Perhaps someday if God allows...we may visit. This is a beautiful area. Love those old buildings. The Strines Inn on Strines Moor looks like a beautiful place to stay.

  8. Goodness Linda, you do have some outstanding places of natural beauty, how lucky you are, you have me wanting to visit! Wonderful pictures, good to have family visiting.xxx

  9. Beautiful places ...you are a good tour guide! Everything is so green and lush looking!

  10. I loved the pictures. Looks like my type of photography .

  11. I love the peaceful country view and the beautiful flowers. You stay in a lovely place.

  12. Such beautiful places. I don't think it matters where you live in the UK, there's always wonderful places to visit close by, we're so lucky.


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