31 Mar 2018

Looking back at our life during March and Easter Greetings

Life in our household during March has been very different from what Mr P and I had planned, that is, a time away in Italy.  Due to the challenging weather and the fact that we live near the top of a hill we were snowbound several times.  No-one could get to us either by car or on foot. Mr P drove to the entrance of our no-through road, but realised that he would start sliding down the narrow road and beyond that is an even steeper hill. We also heard from Mr P's family in Italy that the region around Rome was also experiencing extreme weather conditions with heavy snow, which was unusual for March. Trains had been cut to a minimum, schools had been closed and the family members working in Rome had returned home early.  We missed our flight, but we're covered for the loss of flight tickets on our travel insurance. We were thankful that we were at home in the UK during this time because we had trouble with the central heating system with a frozen outlet condensation pipe which needed to be defrosted by using hot water. We made do with what food we had in our store cupboard until the weather improved and we could get back to normal.  Even so the weather continues to be changeable.  We're really glad when the sun shines and I'm sure that this is so for all of you who are waiting for Springtime and for warmer weather. Meanwhile, we have been grateful for a warm home after the central heating came back on, the seedlings Mr P nurtures indoors are mainly doing well and we both continue to enjoy the flowers that family brought us once they could get to us. 
Here are some photos of our March days.

the third stem of the amaryllis produced four more flowers

the week before Palm Sunday
(a tile painted by an Armenian artist based in Jerusalem) 

snowdrops and primulas in our front garden
- both plants are still blooming

plants in the covered yard are beginning 
to produce flowers including the nectarine tree

We've been so thankful to see the sunrise on some days
although at the moment we have heavy rain and it's a windy day.
It's a joy to hear birdsong and see the blackbirds from the back window.

Wishing you all a happy Easter and holiday weekend.

We are now preparing for a time in Italy when we hope that the weather will be warmer and we can get out into the garden to do some tidying up.  At the moment we're enjoying the holiday period with our family here in Yorkshire. 

2nd April 2018 P.S. We've had snow again overnight which has settled! Hopefully it will thaw as the temperatures are not sub zero as we experienced before and our daughter who is staying with us can travel back home to Berkshire. Here are photos taken this morning, my Easter display and Italian Easter cake that I forgot to post yesterday.  Thank you for your visit and kind comments and I hope to get around and visit you also.
Linda :)


  1. wow, had no idea all the bad weather was over there to. it has been horrendous in all parts of the states here. FL was good but not the northeast. these flowers are wonderful, my favorite flowers are yellow flowers, so all the yellows are fantastic. glad you can get to your other home for a while and hoping you are met with sunshine days

  2. Hello Linda,
    March has been whimsical both in northern Italy and in southern Finland too!
    Your Amaryllis is very beautiful. Have a peaceful Easter time!

  3. Have a good holiday, hopefully you'll find some warm sunshine when you get there.

  4. The weather this winter has been really tough throughout Europe - let's hope the Spring finally arrives with warmer weather! Your yellow Easter flowers please me very much.

    Wishing you a Happy Easter time and a lovely trip to Italy!

  5. Happpy Easter! Wishing you a warm and sunny spring soon.

  6. How lovely to see all your beautiful photos this morning. All the daffodils look very cheerful. The sun is trying hard to shine here this morning. It is still very cold. I'm glad to hear your didn't risk trying to get done those hills and that you stayed warm and safe inside with plenty of supplies. A family member went to Rome for a break and was posting photos of snow in the city. Nice you have that trip still to look forward to now still. My favourite photo is the one of the blackbird. Have a lovely Easter holiday with your family. Xxx

  7. Lovely photos. Hope you have a pleasant Easter weekend with your family and a wonderful visit to Italy:)

  8. Normally I would not think twice about booking to go away in March, but this year has proved to be such an exception that in the future perhaps I should.
    Hopefully you will get away soon - I think that this winter has affected everyone, and now we all crave some warmth and the sun.

  9. I’d got so used to the warmer weather that we’ve recently enjoyed in March, this year has been a real shock! I’m sorry it disrupted your plans but hope that you have a lovely time when you finally get back to Italy. Take care.

  10. Linda, I see you're enjoying the kind of spring that we are: cold and snowy -- it just won't warm up. I hope at least you find some warmer days when you reach Italy. Your flowers are beautiful, and that covered room is a paradise. Buon viaggio! Best, -Beth

  11. Sorry that you've had a difficult time when all things weather related. I'm pleased that you got home safely and hope that you get sorted with your future plans. I loved seeing your photos, thanks for sharing. The bulb plants bring such a blissful joy of cheerfulness at this time of year. Their blooms seem to lift you inside and you can't help but be glad. Enjoy. Cathy x

  12. We've had snowy weather all through March too so I can sympathize with you. The daffodil bouquets are beautiful. Happy Easter.

  13. Goodness, you seem to be suffering from the extreme weather at home and in Italy. It sounds scary being cut off like that at the top of a hill, hopefully you had lots of supplies to keep you going, at least you had your lovely cozy logburner. I loved all your Easter flowers, so vibrant and pretty. Here's to the weather in Italy improving for your return. Take good care of yourselves.xxx

  14. So lovely to see your photographs here and read your news.
    It really has been a mixed up 'bag of weather' this year hasn't it. I'm really hoping it will improve soon.

    Take care in your travels, and my good wishes for April.

    All the best Jan

  15. I hope you have a good time in Italy.
    Your room looks warm with sunlight through your windows even outside is snow. So lovely to see your spring flowers. I enjoyed all of your photos! Happy day to you!

    Tomoko in Japan

  16. We all had enough this year's winter and the beginning of spring. You had double experiences in two places. Fortunately, the flowers in the house certainly comforted you a bit. Thank you for the nice visit and best regards.

  17. Weather has bee kind of crazy this year throughout the world and it sounds you had enough with his craziness .

    this is great that your tickets were not wasted for the flight you missed!

    What a DELIGHTFUL images of such vibrant coloured pretty flowers planted by your hubby my friend!

    your snowy pics are scary for me but glad that weather is changing smoothly and you are experiencing the springy time :)

    i loved the easter arrangements and the hanging plant baskets .
    hope your trip and stay in Italy will be more joy to you !


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