21 Jun 2017

Floral Bliss #26

It's been an enjoyable weekend and I hope you had a good one also. Our weekend celebrations extended into Monday as we celebrated our wedding anniversary the day after Father's Day. This year it was our 52nd wedding anniversary.
I'm joining Riitta's Floral Bliss again this week, but I shall keep my writing brief as I'm experiencing technical problems with my laptop and also the Internet service has been down this morning and has just returned.

The rose called 'Anniversary Rose', which our Berkshire daughter gave us, has been blooming in time for our special day. My husband transferred it from a pot into the ground this Spring and it's doing well.

There's plenty of shade from the fig tree during these exceptionally sunny days where we can sit out.

There are so many flowers in the garden to share with you that I shall do a roundup of them at the end of the month.

Our local daughter invited us for an evening meal at her home for Father's Day and we were given a box of goodies; chocolates and bags of unusual types of pasta and a pretty plant. The above mosaic shows the plant that she and the children gave us. At the moment it's indoors. The mosaic also shows the view from the kitchen door and the developing plum tomato plants (San Marzano). We've already had lots of small, ripe tomatoes that are good for salads.

On Monday we went for a drive out into the Derbyshire countryside. We had decided to revisit Tideswell which I've written about before.  However, as we got to the town we realised that it was Festival Day and probably there had been well dressing ceremonies at the weekend.  Actually the town wasn't very busy and it was easy to park,  take a look at the well dressing pictures made from flower petals and other natural materials and also go into the church.  It's called the Cathedral of the Peaks because as well as being a large, beautiful building it has always been an important place of worship that has served the local community over the centuries.

By the side of the drive up to the church was the school children's design and a display of some of their preparatory drawings.

Inside the church there was an exhibition showing the work done by the many and varied organisations and groups in the local community.  The above display is just one of them and I'll share more when I write a blog about the church festival.

Further down the high street there was another well dressing display in Fountain Square.  It depicts various aspects of Hull, which is this year's City of Culture, including the Minster, Amy Johnson's famous bi-plane Gipsy Moth and the Humber Bridge.

Tideswell was looking very colourful and we could have stopped there for longer, but it was lunch time and we decided to drive back to the Hope Valley and have something to eat in Edale Village. The walk after lunch needs another blog post so I'll leave you with a few photos of the hills of Edale, which is a popular area for hill walkers as it's the start of the Pennine Way National Trail

The above photo was taken during another visit before the leaves were on the trees. This time the hedges were green and there were wild honeysuckle and dog rose bushes in flower. The tall grasses along the verges of the narrow lane, the only road through Edale Valley, were full of wild flowers.

a rose bush in the churchyard of Holy Trinity Church, Edale


  1. What a beautiful post Linda! Your 'Anniversary rose' is in beautiful bloom, celebrating with you. So happy belated anniversary to you and your husband! 52 years is a long time.

    Those art works made out of flowers and their petals are simply awesome! So well made, a lot of work and skill and patience!

    Your neighbouring towns are so pretty and active, the small plum tomatoes look also delicious.

    Thank you for linking, wishing you a relaxed & sunny Midsummer!

  2. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. It looks as if you had a really nice time. I'd completely forgotten that this is the time of year for well dressing. Great photos. Jx

  3. Happy Anniversary, we'll be having our 52nd this year too.

  4. Loved the game of stones! How colourful and interesting everything looks. Happy anniversary, fifty two years is something to be proud of, congratulations. I love that anniversary rose and the sweet peas and am amazed that you already have tomatoes.xxx

  5. Hello Linda, I loved your post it's chock-full of beautiful things!
    Happy Anniversary xx
    The Anniversary Rose is spectacular, and what a thoughtful gift.
    Your outdoor sitting area is wonderful, you would have a lot of happy times out there amongst that gorgeous array of flowers (I even see a pretty pink geranium... love them especially).
    Your local daughter's floral gift is beautiful too - and unusual too, it has a fluffiness.
    I'd never heard of Well Dressing before and so I googled it. A delightful custom and I was knocked out at the prettiness and attention to detail with flowers and seeds and other items used to decorate.
    Thanks so much for sharing everything... a rich tapestry of life indeed. Cheers and best wishes :D)

  6. How I love, love, love the children's art. It brings back memories of a children's art display we saw years ago at the Salisbury Cathedral. That huge rose bush is very similar to a rose we have growing on our trellis. Your anniversary rose is just beautiful. What lovely gifts from your daughter. I do believe I would love sitting in your garden and enjoying the sights.

  7. What a beautiful post, so full of lovely things and photos of places I know well. Your anniversary rose is wonderful and flowering for your 52 wedding anniversary too. Many congratulations to you and your husband it looks as if you had a wonderful celebratory weekend:)

  8. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary, wishing you many more happy years together. You took us on a wonderful tour. I loved the well dressing.

  9. Happy 52 wedding anniversary to you and your hubby! What a beautiful Anniversary rose to celebrate your anniversary. Pretty flowers and edibles from your garden. The country view is beautiful.

  10. Heartiest best wishes for your wedding anniversary my dear friend!

    what marvelous series of stunning photos for this special post!!!
    i am glad you guys had great time with your precious daughter who gifted you her warmth and love and lots of special goodies.
    your sitting place is cool .
    loved all the photos and what glorious place you choose to visit with hubby ,truly amazingly beautiful!

  11. Many happy anniversary wishes to you and your husband.
    That anniversary rose looks wonderful.

    So good to see all of your photographs, it looks as if you had such an enjoyable time.

    All the best Jan

  12. Wow! A very happy 52nd wedding anniversary to you! That is a great accomplishment for sure. Edale village looks lovely. All your photos are lovely. Love the well dressings. I've heard from several bloggers in the U.K. about the warm temps you've been having. We are in for a few days of very high temps here in Washington state. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


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