14 Jun 2017

Floral Bliss #25

Yesterday morning I went to the library in the park to take back a book and walked around the adjoining walled garden to see what was happening there. As usual there were people passing through or sitting in the area by the fountain and volunteers were busy working in the different areas of the garden.  The flower borders were looking lush and full of plants and there was plenty of work for the volunteer group to get on with whilst the weather was dry; weeding, dead-heading the roses or working in the glasshouses. 

an unusual flower planter 

the willow sculpture and below
the willow sculpture at the end of April
- the children like this little 'house'
and lawn where they can play.

the gardeners' store rooms and rest room (above) 

the kitchen garden area

I'm participating in Riitta's Floral Bliss #25 linkup


  1. That is a beautiful park and so well taken care of. The willow hut (?) is very fun. I have seen fences made out of living willows. The planter is also fun.

    Wishing you Linda a lovely day <3

  2. Hello Linda, that's a wonderful park in which to have a walk and a sit and read. So many beautiful things to see in addition to the flowers, plants and trees. As Riitta said above, it's so well taken care of too.
    A cute little birdhouse. Such a pretty ladybird and, yes, an unusual planter... I love those whimsys. Cheers now :D)

  3. spectacular park to walk in.. love the willow sculpture and all those stunning flowers.. and that little Hilly boat is just so pretty.. so much beauty so little time to enjoy it

  4. Really pretty. I love the old sheds that are tucked away in the corner. Jx

  5. You certainly took us on a great tour, such beautiful plants. The kitchen garden was a delight. What an amazing living willow playhouse and the boat planter a joy.

  6. I love how the willow sculpture has grown. I bet the children love hiding in there. Like the litle blue bird house too. The flowers in the park are lovely and how wonderful to be able to stroll through the park to the library. Flowers and books, two favourite things:)

  7. What a beautiful garden to stroll through. How nice they have volunteers to clean it up and keep it going.

  8. Floral bliss for sure. I enjoyed my garden stroll with you.

  9. A lovely and serene park indeed, warm greetings to you.

  10. what a lush place to visit!!!

    all photos are lovely but first one took my heart ,how lush and calm place
    thank you for sharing the beauty of your area my friend.

  11. I so enjoyed looking at this post, your photographs were just lovely.
    Looks a very nice place.

    All the best Jan


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