20 Nov 2016

A time in Italy (1) house and garden

We're back from a trip to Italy. This year we were a month late in getting there, but we managed the travelling and were ready for the change of scene. This year we missed the gathering of the grapes and the beginning of the process for making wine. The harvest was poor due to frost and hailstorms damaging the newly-formed grapes and many of our relatives bought grapes from elsewhere to make some wine for their own use.  The olives have also been gathered and pressed to produce oil for home consumption. My sister-in-law and her husband who used to live in England were pleased with the amount of oil that was produced from their olive trees on the land around their house.  These trees are relatively new having been planted some ten years ago. As usual we were given fresh eggs, vegetables, oil, wine and other produce whilst we were there and invited for meals.

Above is how we left the grounds in April.

The vines this November, pretty to look at but a lot of work needed to
clear up the falling leaves.

The first afternoon when we arrived there was thunder, lightening and heavy rain so that the man with the tractor and mower could not come until the vegetation had dried out.  The land was once a vineyard until my husband decided to cut down the plants because gathering the grapes and producing wine was no longer viable, but the wild vines continue to grow through.  Rotavating the land is not an option. 

After two days of drizzly rain we woke up to frost first thing in the morning followed by sun and blue skies and the rest of our time we were thankful for good, dry weather.

Pruning the long branches on the vines and tying them back onto the supporting wires

One or two roses were still blooming.

Sundown and snow on the distant mountains

We were glad of the wood burning stove that runs the central heating and gives us hot water.
It's an alternative to the calor gas central heating system which we can also use.

the super moon 

Looking forward to catching up with your news.  Wishing you a good day,


  1. your home is so beautiful, inside and outside. I love your views of the mountains and even when the garden needed attention, it is still beautiful. I did hold my breath while scrolling pas the LADDER pic.. shuddered a tad... it is good to have all that work to keep him healthy.. and to have something to fill the days with.

  2. I'm so happy that you had a wonderful visit to your home in Italy. It looks amazing with the beautiful surroundings. I too love the picture of the mountains. Have a wonderful day, Pat xx

  3. You must have been ready for some time away in Italy after the year you've had. Lovely photos.

  4. You have beautiful views to the mountains from your house in Italy, also so nice to see Mr. P pruning vines and sweeping leaves in his Italian garden. You two must have been glad to stay there again together with the family.

  5. Wow you really got a lot done and things tidied up for sure. Good for hubby with all that energy! What a lovely home and space you have. Glad you can rest now.

  6. I am so pleased that you have managed to fit in a trip back to your home in Italy - it looks as if you had a lovely time - Mr. P keeps himself very busy.

  7. You and Mr. P have been busy! Beautiful place. What fun to go live there a while.

  8. I'm so pleased that you were able to get to visit your lovely Italian home albeit a little later in the year than usual. It looks as if there was still lots of work to keep you and Mr P busy. Even though the weather still looks lovely you would be glad of the cosy fire in the evenings:)

  9. Such beauty, I scrolled back to have another look. The views of the mountains are stunning. Thrilled that you managed to get your visit in and get a lot of the jobs you wanted doing done, albeit later than anticipated. Beautiful post.

  10. I love seeing your home and surroundings when you visit Italy. It is so beautiful. Oh my, those mountains for a view would be wonderful. Good to hear you had a good trip and are now safely tucked up at home in England.

  11. Lovely to see you both setting your home and gardens straight, it must be fantastic to have those grape vines. Log burners are the best aren't they? It was one of the best things I ever did, installing mine.
    Lovely photos, especially of the mountains and supermoon.xxx

  12. Your Italian home looks so familiar to me, my husband is Italian from the Garda Lake. We don't go there anymore very often, most of the family members passed away and we have my SIL and my niece still living there. But in the past when our son was little we went there each year for holidays during more than 15 years ! Now I want to see something else, lol !

  13. Such a wonderful house and garden Linda. It's obvious that much love and care goes into it. I think how lovely it must to be able to share in the bounty of freshly pressed olive oil and wine from your family. I am so glad you were able to spend time in your Italian home and with your extended family.


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