7 Oct 2016

Five on Friday

Hello everyone! It's Friday again so I'm joining Amy's Five on Friday link-up.  Thank you Amy
for hosting. I'm sharing some of the sights I've seen this week and activities that have kept my husband and I busy recently.

1. the Autumn scene
There are signs of Autumn everywhere now, although many of the leaves on the trees are still green. The grapes on the vines in the front garden will be left for the birds as they are too small and there are not enough to do anything with them.  There seem to be lots of other berries this year - is this a sign of a hard winter to come? I love the coppery shade of the ferns as they change colour and I've seen those everlasting flowers in a neighbour's garden that dry out and can be used in an indoor flower display - something to put on my seed list.

2. gardening
We're still gathering tomatoes from the plants in the covered yard.  There are also sweet peppers ripening which we prefer to roast or preserve in olive oil. My husband continues to grow plants from seed and has started another lot of French beans.

3. crocheting
Since re-learning how to crochet I've been making blankets over the last few months except for when I had to take a break in June and July.  The first blanket I made was the red, mauve and purple one followed by the one at the top of the collage.  I'm half way through the one at the bottom on the right hand side.

4. a visit to a museum
Weston Park Museum is located in the same area as the hospital where I go every day for my treatment and this week my husband has dropped be off at the hospital and then I've done other things before taking the bus or tram home. Yesterday I went into the museum to see what new exhibitions were being installed. The latest is  'Sheffield's Story: prehistory until the present day'.

Thomas Bateman and his son Thomas Joseph Banks (1828-1896) oil on canvas 1860

Victorian archaeologist Thomas Bateman (1821-1861) excavated hundreds of barrows and other sites in the Peak District.  His extensive collection was sold to the museum by his son in 1893. Many of the objects on display are from Bateman's collection The Anglo-Saxon glass bowl from the painting is on display in the gallery.

The exhibition displays are currently being installed with further information labels - a good reason to return for a further browse around the galleries.

5. out and about in Sheffield city centre

Another afternoon I walked into the city centre in search of more elephants. They've gone now to be auctioned off, but I shall be sharing more of what I found! I hope you don't get bored with what I share, but I think they are beautiful works of art and it's very interesting to see how many of them have been treated to create special surfaces to give a shiny look to represent steel (Steel City's famous product) or painted in imaginative designs. I particularly liked the one decorated to depict rock climbers scaling the hills in the nearby Peak District National Park and the one with safari and jungle scenes - a lion on one side, a toucan on the other with a snake trunk and tail.  

 The Town Hall area and the Peace Gardens

Tomorrow I'm going to one of the annual Sheffield Literary Festival (Off the Shelf) events at the Town Hall - the Readers' Day - where there'll be talks by several authors that are new to me. There's usually a book swap in the Winter Garden.


Whatever you're doing I hope you have a peaceful weekend.


  1. Linda I once again have enjoyed the beauty of the elephants and the artistic talents of the people involved. Do let us know how much money was raised when they were auctioned. Enjoy your literary experience.

  2. You're doing well to be still picking tomatoes. My plants suffered blight for the first time this year but they did better than I expected them to so I'm not complaining. I read While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green earlier this year, enjoy the literary festival.

  3. Good Evening Linda, Oh I adore those little elephants. We have them dotted around Newcastle as well. I kept meaning to take a photograph and each time I went to town, I had forgotten to take my phone.... I'm a terrible mobile phone person, it drives my daughters crazy, because they can never get hold of me when I am out and about.
    We have a grapevine in our garden as well and we leave the grapes for the birds just as you do. Ours are so tiny, but I do use some of the leaves to make dolmades.
    I really enjoyed your five on Friday.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Best Wishes

  4. Those elephants are a lot of fun. We were in a town in the middle of the USA last week where they had apples decorated in the downtown area. You have some nice signs of fall and how nice to still be harvesting some garden treats. Enjoy the book swap!

  5. I am so glad you showed us more of the elephants. I love the toucan on the back side. as I looked at your plants and berries and veggies and green things I thought how absolutely wonderful nature is. beautiful and good to eat at same time. I would like to have the little hut in my back yard, with wifi.. either my get away or bobs' ha ha

  6. Thanks for sharing with Five on Friday. I love seeing the elephants. They are so wonderfully decorated. The museum looks a great place to visit. Thanks for walking us around your town.

  7. Beautiful elephants art! You still have a nice harvest of tomatoes and peppers, I just picked the last ones today I think, I don't think the green ones will be ripe with less sun and colder days coming rapidly.

  8. Loved the elephants, especially the one with the snake for a trunk. How clever!

    When I lived in California, Los Angeles had a display of painted angels. I showed some of them on my post last week. Toronto had moose, Dublin had cows, so far I've seen pigs and elephants in the UK. Wonder what's next?

  9. Your garden looks amazing! My poor tomato plants did not do well this year; maybe due to the extreme heat and us being gone. I loved seeing the lovely crocheted blankets you made. I'm sure they will be well loved this winter season. Sending you my best wishes dear friend. Hugs, Pat

  10. Great photos and mosaics Linda. We have also a lot berries in sorbus - the birds have something to eat. The elephants are so skilful and fun. Enjoy your weekend!

    And I'm quite astonished about your blankets - so many and so much work!!!

  11. Well, your post is filled with all the things I love. The outdoors, plants and gardens, fresh veges, history, visiting new places, crochet, and elephants. Wonderful! Wishing you health and happiness. Tammy

  12. Goodness, you have been very busy doing lots if varied things. I could never get bored of the elephants, they are amazing works of art.

  13. Your garden looks so productive, your husband clearly has green fingers! Love those elephants. They really brighten up the city. Have a good weekend. B x

  14. A great five which I really enjoyed. Those elephants are really creative works. Enjoy your weekend.


  15. Good to hear that you're feeling energetic enough to go out and about in the afternoons, the treatment sounds as though it's going well! Take care Linda.

  16. Looks lovely there at the moment Linda. Aren't those elephants wonderful. Such clever artists.
    The Peak District NP was a fabulous place to visit. Signs of spring here which is very welcome after a winter that is hanging on.

  17. Dear Linda,

    Lovely to see what you have been up to and enjoyed seeing your great photos. Autumn is a great season and all those beautiful colours in nature.
    You have been busy with all your beautiful crocheted blankets - also loved seeing the elephants.
    Have a lovely weekend

  18. Another wonderful 'five'. Your Autumn photos are great and I am loving your crochet blankets. x

  19. Un post ricco di eventi bellissimi. Mi piacciono molto le foto dell'autunno, è la mia stagione preferita, le sue tinte calde piene di sfumature mi fanno sognare. Baci

  20. Thank you, Linda! Your garden looks so wonderful. I keep wanting to add more berry bushes for the birds. All your produce is just wonderful. I keep being tempted to pick up the crochet needles, but just not enough time in the day for all I want to do. Love your ventures around your part of the world.

  21. What a lovely post! I loved your autumn pics and am admiring all your handiwork!Goodness, those elephants are fantastic, and how good to still be harvesting!
    It's great knowing that you are feeling well enough to go out! Here's to you!xxx

  22. Never been to Sheffield. It looks a great place to visit. Still love seeing all of those beautifully decorated elephants.
    Your Autumn images are gorgeous. I hope we're not in for a bad Winter.
    You have been busy crocheting, loving your blankets especially the one bottom right!
    I hope your treatment is going well. Have a wonderful week Linda :)x

  23. I really do need to take up crocheting again; I used to love doing it and making gifts for people. Now the question is, when to find the time to do it? Your work is lovely!

  24. Hello Linda, I love all your collages today. How fortunate you are to still be harvesting produce from your garden. It looks like you have been taking some nice walks around the city. Enjoyed all the art work on the elephants.