28 Sep 2016

Ladybower Reservoir walk

Today I'm looking back at a walk by Ladybower Reservoir in the Upper Derwent Valley which I featured on my last Five on Friday blog post as a photo collage. It's possible to walk for miles around the reservoir. There are wonderful views across the water on both sides of the path by the side of the wall of the dam and you can marvel at the way it was constructed to contain so much water and manage the overflow. Everything is solidly built and on a grand scale.

On the side nearest the water is a high wall and on the other side is a wide area and another high wall at the water's edge.  On the other side of the path there's a steep bank and views of the river Derwent, the water treatment buildings and the surrounding land which is maintained by the Severn Trent Water Company.

The water and buildings at the bottom of the sloping land is called the tail bay.  It provides a route for overflow water from the reservoir to flow into the river Derwent and from there to the river Trent. By ensuring that the flow from the reservoir is maintained, controlled from the two draw-off towers on the dam, wildlife is protected.  At the same time the energy produced from the release of water as it transfers from the reservoir through hydro turbines helps generate renewable electricity. The two pumping stations are capable of pumping around 170 megalitres of water every day to be cleaned at the Bamford treatment works which is then transferred for public use in the region.  Two large bellmouth spillway shafts also help to maintain the flow of water as they act like giant plugholes. At certain times when the water is high the sight of water flowing into the shafts is spectacular although I've only seen and photographed this sight once a few years ago.

the tail bay

a bellmouth spillway shaft

a draw-off tower

On reaching the other side of the reservoir I turned back, but the walk either way by the river and across a bridge to Bamford or along the path to the upper end of this great expanse of water would have been enjoyable.  

One of the sculptures on what is called the Bamford Touchstone Trail.

These were created to commemorate the Millennium to reflect memorable aspects of the village, old and new, with the help of a local artist, Jenny Mather.  Clay models were created by local families and then the artist arranged them together to produce intricate designs.  Rubber moulds were made to enable a resin and ground stone mixture to be poured in.  This hardwearing material was used to withstand the weather conditions. The finish resembles gritstone found in the surrounding Dark Peak area and the form to look like the standing stones that can be seen on the moors.  Sheffield University have made replicas of these ancient artefacts using similar techniques.  The touchstones illustrate air, water, earth and fire and are situated on a 5 mile walk around the edges of the village. A celtic symbol is present on all the sculpture. (Notes taken from the Bamford Village web site about the project).

As always, wishing you a good day.  At the moment I'm at the hospital every day and as my appointments are not at a regular time - sometimes at midday, sometimes in the late afternoon I'm trying to make the most of the rest of my day in between. Therefore, my blogging will be sporadic for a while, especially as I shall also need to rest as much as possible. Thank you once more in advance for your comments about the subjects I write about as I shall not be responding personally at the moment. I shall also be reading your blogs with interest and commenting when I can.


  1. Reservoir's are good places to get reflections especially on a nice day. Ladyblower is one I would like to visit when I get a chance.

  2. A real feat of engineering. It must be extraordinary to see the water flowing in to the spillway shafts. It looks like a beautiful place for a walk and it's nice to look back at photos from the summer, especially when you can't get out and about much, it's nice to have the photos to accompany the memories. I hope the fact that you're at the hospital each day means that your radiotherapy is now sorted out, each stage of the treatment means you're a little closer to that finish line. Keeping you in my thoughts xx

  3. don't worry about responding, prayers for those visits to the hospital. the trees in the 3rd photo are amazing. and I love that tower and spill way and the round thing, awesome photos, all of these. a stunning and beautiful place.

  4. Lovely sculptures.
    It's a very peaceful area for a walk Linda.
    When we went around the Welsh reservoirs the water levels were indeed low. Just shows how much water we all get through.
    Have plenty of rest and let everyone pamper you x

  5. That looks like a very pleasant walk and you had a lovely day for it.
    Best of luck with the treatment programme Linda, I shall be thinking of you and hope it goes well.

  6. What a great walk you took us on, such a amazing feat of engineering and beautiful to. Thinking of you and praying that all goes well. Take care of yourself.

  7. Good Morning Linda, What a lovely place to go walking. The countryside is beautiful. It look like a wonderful place to find some tranquility. Please get plenty of rest and know all your friends are continuing to pray for you.

  8. What a great walk and your photos are wonderful and show all the features of the reservoir and dam. It looks like you had lovely weather too. I hope the treatment goes well, take care:)

  9. Absolutely stunning views. This is one of the places my hubby really wants to visit to go biking but never quite got around to it yet.

  10. What an astonishing place, utterly fascinating. I imagine you could visit many times and always see something new, or see it looking totally different throughout the seasons. I did enjoy the touchstones.Good luck with your treatment, here's to everything going perfectly. You take good care of you now, and get all the rest you need.xxx

  11. A lush beautiful area. I love how everything blends in so naturally, as if it has always been there. Healing wishes, Tammy

  12. What spectacular views and beautiful photographs. Hope all goes well with your treatment Linda x

  13. Seen from a distance, the reservoir is a beautiful artistic composition. Wish I'd been on that walk with you.

    Sending prayers for your complete and speedy recovery. You're a blessing in the lives of the Five on Friday bloggers. Be strong, don't waiver, we're with you.

  14. Dear Linda,

    Looks like a wonderful place to walk around and admire the beauty of nature.
    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hope the treatment goes well for you.
    Sending love and hugs

  15. Thanks for the beautiful walk. Thinking of you as you continue your treatments and visits to the hospital. Take care! We are going away for a few days to visit Jim's sister next week. Looking forward to a short get-away.

  16. What a lovely area and incredible that it is so functional as well.