16 Sep 2016

Five on Friday

This Summer elephant sculptures have appeared in many areas in the city of Sheffield.  Wild in Art organised this event, Herd of Sheffield, and local artists have decorated the 58 fibreglass elephants in the herd sponsored by different groups and companies in aid of Sheffield's Children's Hospital projects, a very worthy cause. During September individuals can take part in a personal challenge to run, swim, walk or cycle and the sponsorship money will go towards creating two new purpose-built physiotherapy rooms in the new wing of the hospital. More funds will be raised by auctioning off the elephants at the end of October. It's possible to follow a trail until the 5th October and see all the elephants and in addition there is a Little Herd created by 73 Sheffield schools and they can be found in indoor venues until the 30th September.

My first sighting of an elephant was at the beginning of Summer when I had started getting out-and- about after my first operation.  It's in the walled garden by the library local to where we live, but I haven't included it in this blog post. Recently I took a walk in Western Park which is near the hospital that I'm attending as an outpatient.  The Botanical Gardens is also near the different city hospitals so on another day I went there to find some more elephants.
I'm joining Amy's Five on Friday link-up and sharing five of the sculptures I've seen so far. 

1.  Elmer the Patchwork Elephant
  Patients of Sheffield Children's Hospital

"One of the most instantly recognisable members
of the Sheffield herd is Elmer the patchwork elephant.
He is a firm international favourite in millions of household.
To recreate the popular picture book character, created
by David McKee, the very special patients of Sheffield
Children's Hospital put their aprons on and got
their paintbrushes out in order to bring Elmer to life."
(information on the base of the sculpture)

Elmer the Patchwork Elephant can be seen in Western Park
 Across the road is The Children's Hospital.

Western Park Museum

Further along the Western Park Museum terrace walk is Bugsy the Elephant

2.  Bugsy     Liz Hall

"Liz Hall celebrates the smallest and sometimes
 hidden wildlife found in our great green city...
By magnifying them for all to see on her sculpture
Liz hopes that Bugsy can inspire others to
look more closely at this wonderful miniature world
that is all around us."
(information on the base of the sculpture)

Another colourful elephant can be seen in Western Park just inside the entrance gate near to Firth Court, Sheffield University, who sponsored the sculpture. 

3.  Donkeys in Elephant Land   James Green

"James Green has used his unusual canvas to create
a surreal landscape. At first glance his donkeys
appear to be wandering through a sparse desert
complete with wiry cacti.  Look again and you'll notice
 snowy dots falling down over the scene.  Are James'
animals living in a snowy desert? Are they on another 
planet entirely...Can you figure out this wonderfully abstract design?"
(information on the base of the sculpture)

On the hunt for more elephants my granddaughter and I went to Sheffield Botanical Gardens (on a very different day regarding the weather). I took the photos just before umbrellas were needed. We found two of the three elephants in the gardens. The colourful display of flowers in the herbaceous borders on either side of the long drive and in the Victorian Garden made up for the dull weather conditions.

The long drive leading to the glasshouses in Sheffield Botanical Gardens.
At the other end of the long drive near the fountain is another elephant who gives a thought-provoking message........

4.  Small Beginnings   Lisa Maltby

"The inspiration behind Lisa Maltby's elephant is about taking
 small steps to create something huge.  The smaller
elephants that cover the sculpture represent those small steps -
by painting each small elephant something larger is created
 with each tiny brush stroke.
 Big things often have small beginnings. "
(information on the base of the sculpture)

..... and near the main entrance on Clarkehouse Road was another elephant who was proving to be very popular with the families and small children.

5.  Henry the Constructor   Devon Bhurke

"Inspired by the construction industry, Henry the Constructor
is an attempt to bring a lively and fun character
to the Elephant Trail that both adults and children
will easily relate to. Henry is inspired by
the character Bob the Builder in the
children's television programme."
(information on base of the sculpture)

I hope you enjoyed seeing the elephants I've spotted so far. Don't be surprised if some more pop up on another blog post!  It will be fun to see more of these sculptures whilst walking around the city this month.

Wishing you a good weekend whatever you're doing,
Linda :)


  1. What a great place to visit and I love all those elephants especially the first patchwork quilt one

  2. Love the elephants, how wonderful. I'd have to get a copy of the elephant trail and try to see all of them


  3. The elephants are a great idea and for such a good cause too. The elephants you have spotted are wonderful especially the patchwork one as he is so colourful. Thank you for sharing your photos, have a good weekend:)

  4. The elephants are so fun! And I loved the Verbena bonariensis! Happy weekend!

  5. That's really nice the elephants are very pretty ! We had a year where cows were exposed all over Brussels made from different artists. My neighbour bought one and it stands now in her front yard !

  6. I can see that you have had great fun looking for the elephants in some beautiful places. Isn't it interesting hoiw the pattern makes some of their legs look really long. I like all the detail, the artists have had some great ideas. x

  7. Fabulous. I'm always envious when I see these fabulous trails on blogs, I do wish that Leeds would host one.

  8. Good Morning Linda, What a marvellous idea. I love Elmer, but I loved Bugsy a little more and then I saw Henry and I was smitten. Each elephant brought a smile to my face on this grey and rainy day.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Best Wishes

  9. I love these animal parades. I've seen quite a few now. We saw dragons in Norwich last year and hares in Cirencester the year before.Your elephants look marvelous.

  10. What a great project. I love Elmer but I think Bugsy is my favourite. xx

  11. Such a wonderful project, they are all amazing. Looking forward to seeing any more that you manage to see. I saw the dragons in Norwich when I visited my daughter they were quite spectacular too.

  12. Your art trail of elephants looks great. We had a similar one in Ipswich except they were pigs. Pigs Gone Wild. A map was produced and it was great to see people out and about around the pigs. They were a great success. I have my favourite one pictured on my Five.

    Have a great weekend

  13. Loved the photos. Wish I could see the elephants in person. I saw moose in Toronto, Canada, cows in Dublin, Ireland, and angels in Los Angeles, CA. And I see in the comments that there were pigs in Ipswich and dragons in Norwich. Too bad there isn't a website to collect all the photos in one place to preserve them for the future.

  14. Oh this so reminds me of when we had the Lamb Bananas in Liverpool in 2008, we loved following the trail and finding them all. I love all your elephants too, they are so colourful and bright, the construction one made me laugh. Fabulous pictures, have a great weekend xx

  15. I have a big smile on my face, each elephant made me smile again. my favorite is Bugsy and close 2nd is small beginnings. but that doesn't mean I don't like ALL of them. they are beautiful and funny and tell a story....

  16. What a fun thing to do with those elephant sculptures. I love the little write-ups and stories that go along with them.

  17. Fun elephant projects to plop about the city. Our downtown area did the same thing with pigs. It's nice to have a message with them, too. The floral design you shared at the end is pretty.

  18. Oh Linda, they are sooo beautiful, think you SO much for sharing them. All are exquisite but that second one with the butterflies is idyllic!! The gardens are delectable too! How are you doing? I do hope you are ok.Xx

  19. The elephants are so extra special. I love them all. It would be hard to pick a favorite. They are so whimsical. Loved the gardens you visited too.

  20. What a great idea to highlight a good cause. A town south of here has bear statues uniquely decorated, but I don't know the story behind them. Thanks for posting, Linda. xx

  21. The elephants are wonderful and what a great project. It is impossible to choos a favourite. Fantastic gardens too.

  22. Dear Linda,

    Loved seeing all the bright and wonderful elephants in the gorgeous parks.
    Thanks for sharing and hope you have a lovely, relaxing weekend

  23. Lovely gardens.
    The elephants are fantastic, so colourful. I think they're a brilliant idea, a great way to fund raise.
    So nice to see you are out and about :)

  24. You have the most amazing gardens all around you! And I adore those elephants!

  25. I love the idea of these trails. They encourage people to get out and about and see new areas of the city as much as the elephants themselves. I love Bugsy!

    1. Bugsy is wonderful! I forgot to photograph the snail and the small bugs on its legs - you would have been interested in those! I don't seem to be able to access the link to your blog at the moment. I have technical problems with my laptop from time-to-time, but it's just your blog that I can't get. Of course, if it's your end you won't be able to read this at the moment either. I hope that you didn't experience the really bad storms of last week. I was thinking of you and the location of your cottage.


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