1 Feb 2016

Scavenger Hunt January

For the January Scavenger Hunt we can chose 12 random photos.  Mine are mainly photos taken during recent walks around the city centre and the local countryside.
Thank you Greenthumb for organising the Scavenger Hunt and for the list for February. Wishing you well.

the back garden 

the parish church and churchyard

geese by Agden Beck

the library in the park

Shadows - Courtyard garden, The Upper Chapel
Sheffield City Centre

The Winter Garden, Sheffield City Centre

plant (?)

The Millennium Gallery, Sheffield City Centre

The windows at the end of a corridor walkway in the gallery are often decorated
by local and international artists.

Florence Blanchard's work is called Particles and has been
inspired by the dramatic Yorkshire weather.  The energy and vitality
 of the changing seasons is captured by bold geometric shapes
which swirl and collide, replicating the chaos of nature
on a monumental scale. Rooted in the knowledge that
all matter is made of particles - whether human, animal
plant or mineral - Florence's large-scale works magnify
what the human eye can't see, offering us her unique
macroscopic view of the world.

In the Making: Ruskin, Creativity and Craftsmanship
23 Jan-5 Jun 2016, the Millennium Gallery, Sheffield

This new exhibition curated by Museums Sheffield explores John Ruskin's ideas on making
through a broad range of historical and contemporary art and craft and brings together work
by artists including Grayson Perry, Susan Collis, Edward Coley Burne-Jones and Ruskin himself.


  1. Lovely churchyard photos and you've captured brilliantly the shadow of the tree on the side of the building.

  2. These are amazing!!! I love that winter garden and that shadow is immense!!!!x

  3. A wonderful random selection of photos Linda - love the boldness and brightness of the window in The Millennium Gallery, The Winter Garden, and of course the precious snowdrops.

  4. Lovely photos Linda, so picturesque. It's hard to choose a favorite but I especially liked the churchyard.

  5. Great set of photo's, my favourite one has to be the church in the snow.
    Amanda xx

  6. What a wonderful set of photos, absolutely stunning. I haven't participated this time but will join in again for this month:)

  7. Wonderful series of photos Linda, the church, the wintergarden in Sheffield and of course the snowdrops are real gems.

  8. What a great collection of striking photos, Linda. You really have an eye for composition and interesting subjects. Thanks for sharing them with us! -Beth

  9. You had snow! We haven't had proper winter weather in Suffolk yet, although it is colder today. Your pictures inspire me to want to revisit Sheffield.

  10. Beautiful pictures for your Scavenger Hunt, Linda.... I love your 'snowy' backyard... I also love the one with the little church in the distance... The Shadow one is AWESOME. Thanks for sharing.


  11. Wonderful photos - the snow, the shadows, the cemetery - all lovely! I really must see Sheffield some day. The Winter Garden looks amazing!

  12. that angel is so lovely. and so is the view of the church and cemetery. i love trees, all trees and almost every photo today has beautiful trees..

  13. Love traveling along with you on your walk about town from the snowy landscape, the library in the park, art, snowdrops, shadows, and geese. Looking forward to walking in England in just a few months.

  14. Enjoyed seeing photos that you have taken from your area. You have captured some atmospheric sights mixed with some colourful images. All are delightful :)

  15. Gorgeous photos and the randomness adds to the charm.

  16. Lovely photos. How lovely to have snow even for just a day or two! That photos of the shadows is quite amazing I had to really look closely to see exactly what was happening in it. A trip to Sheffield might just be on my "to go" list along with Leeds.

  17. That Winter Garden is incredible - I wish we had something like it here!