13 Jan 2016

Gardening: January

The new propagator is getting used already
mainly filled with a few pots of seedlings and overwintered pelargoniums

There's another pot of tomato seedlings on the kitchen window sill.
There are one or two carnation stems from the remains of the bunch
 that was bought for Christmas. Hopefully they will take root.

 In the covered yard are some of the lemons that
 have been grown from the pips of the big lemon
 that was given to our daughter Christmas 2014
and below are some more saplings -
an olive that was a gift, citrus and peach
grown from seed.

We still have a few sweet peppers.

Above - hanging baskets with miniature irises and a cactus in bud.

Outside in the garden there are bulbs pushing through the earth
and the vines are showing signs of new life. 


  1. What a great way of displaying the mini irises! You're well ahead with the tomatoes too.

  2. Tomato seedlings already? No wonder you usually have some early tomatoes to pick. I have to hold off at this time of year because I just don't have anywhere light enough to grow them on so consequently, they grow leggy. Your covered yard is a brilliant area for all your plants.

  3. Hello, Linda! Is this your garden in England? Good heavens, so many plants blooming and growing and looking happy - your garden looks charming. It has a touch of Italy right there. :)
    Here in Eastern Finland it's flurrying now and we are happy to get some snow.
    The irises are gorgeous!

  4. Lovely to see these new seedlings Linda. I do envy you your preparedness. You have a good start to the new growing season. Thanks for stopping by and always enjoy your comments.

  5. You have some wonderful plants in your garden, Linda. I love the hanging basket of Irises:)

  6. that sweet pepper looks good and is beautiful. love the pot that is behind the tomatoes and seedlings. the flowers are wonderful. you have found the perfect way to garden...

  7. Love the way you have displayed the mini iris, such a beautiful flower. You are certainly ahead of the game with the tomatoes, well done.

  8. So much gardening goodness and promise on the way!! You will have a beautiful garden once again this year, and very productive too! xx

  9. What a boost for the eyes and the soul this post is! Tomato seedlings already? Gosh! How wonderful to see all the saplings and Iris already??? Marvellous stuff

  10. Goodness! It looks like you are getting a jump on spring at your house. Happy gardening!

  11. It is lovely to watch the beginnings of new life in the garden at this time of year, it fills one full of anticipation.
    Love your propagator by the way.

  12. You've been busy! I'm afraid that I'm likely to avoid considering the garden for at least another 2 months!! Jx

  13. Wow you are starting early.

  14. So jealous of your January gardening - it must make surviving winter so much easier!


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