4 Nov 2015

A time in Italy (2)

Although we had days of sunshine and rain during our month in Italy and on our last day the weather was almost like a Summer's day, it did seem as if Autumn was on the way with chillier evenings. We didn't need the log stove and central heating on except for a couple of days, but it's always good to run the system and it's a comfort in an evening.
Our neighbours were beginning to take advantage of some dry weather to make a start on picking up the olives, something we've never cultivated ourselves, as well as gathering produce on their vegetable plots, especially the tomatoes.
We took a break from gardening and housework to take him out and about. There's plenty of interest to see locally and on the day trip to Rome we travelled into the city by train. On that day our grandson measured on an app that we'd walked 12 kilometres around some of the historic centre.
Here are a set of photos of our time out and about in the local small towns:-

sweet chestnuts

time for a coffee and a hot chocolate drink for our grandson

Some relatives came over in an evening and we also
went to their home in the old village where
the houses have been converted into cozy, comfortable homes.


  1. I do love those ancient hilltop villages and thoroughly enjoyed all your photos. I was totally unprepared for the waterfall though.. how stunning is that!

  2. Lovely photos. It's wonderful to be able to look back on them and remember the places you went. Glad you got the car sorted out, they can be so problematic but it's good to have one at your disposal so that you can get out and about easily.

  3. Looks like you had a great trip and it's a beautiful village, but why are they always on top of a hill? seems Italian villages areal on hills.

  4. Lovely photo's of your time away Linda, looks like you had a well deserved break. The weather really can't seem to make up it's mind here at the moment. It was certainly very foggy here this morning.

  5. i went through the slide show slowly and each photos screams Eurpope/Italy from all the movies i have seen.. i just love every single building and street you showed us. and the couple with the umbrella is wonderful. it is a good thing to have a car ready when you get there and that is a LOT of walking

  6. How lovely to have your grandson visit and show him around such beautiful, fascinating villages. I just love the mountains and rustic streets and buildings. That waterfall is a beauty too. I hope Mr P is now back to full health, it's awful to be in pain.
    I'd keep the car forever too...I'm currently running mine into the ground.
    I'm looking forward to hearing about Rome, I've never been but now we have a house sitter I'm hoping to get there next year! Lovely post, and a great pic of you both..xxx

  7. Such a nice series of photos of Italian villages and great that your grandson came over to visit you. Lovely photos of the two under the umbrella and last photos of you both!

  8. That waterfall is fabulous- how powerful it looks! I do love all the ancient stones!x

  9. Wonderful photos of all the lovely places you visited, I really enjoyed looking at all the old buildings and the waterfall is spectacular:)

  10. Oh I loved seeing your wanderings in Italy with your grandson. How fun to have the opportunity to show him this part of your world. It looks like fall had come to Italy while you were there.

  11. I enjoyed my virtual trip, your Italy posts always have the memories flooding back, thanks Linda.

  12. A touch of the green eyed monster here! That all looks so absolutely lovely. It's been very grey and misty here. xxxx

  13. I love the little pizza delivery truck.

  14. Beautiful. I esp. liked the one looking out to a village in the distance and also the ones of the waterfall.
    It's so good you had that time with your grandson. It makes for wonderful memories.

  15. Gorgeous places!! The pictures are amazing!! I live the yellow trees and the orange houses.


  16. It is wonderful to see you back Linda. Lovely photos of your trip. Thank you for sharing them.

  17. belles photos et contente de votre passage sur mon blog
    merci pour notre pauvre France
    ce monde devient de plus en plus laid
    c'est remarquable la photo avec l'arbre qui pousse dans le mur de la maison
    bonne semaine
    gros bisous

  18. Dear Linda,

    I enjoyed seeing your wonderful Italy photos and know you must love going there very much.
    Thanks for your kind note and wishing you a lovely weekend


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